The Latest 2016 Hair Tips and Trends For Brides Who Wear Hijab

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The Latest 2016 Hair Tips and Trends For Brides Who Wear Hijab

Only ladies who wear hijab know that even though they will be covering their hair on their wedding day, they still need to take care of it and follow some hair care tips to look their best on their wedding day.

If you're a modern bride who is getting married in 2016, we have some excellent hair tips and fabulous trends for you.

  • Not too high not too low:

Don't put your hair up too high or too low on your wedding day before you cover it, as it will make your head look bigger under the hijab.

Make sure your updo is at the center of your head for perfect dimensions.


  • Go Soft with Pastels:

One of the latest hair trends is hair strands with pastel colors, such as powder blue or blush pink, so why not go over the top with some pastel colored hair strands?


  • Hair Contouring:

Hair contouring has been trending for a while now; it is basically having lighter hair around your face to make your eyes look bigger and frame your face.


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