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The Right Hijab for Your Face Shape

The Right Hijab for Your Face Shape

There are many details that a woman who wears a takes into consideration, and the first thing is choosing a hijab style that suits her face shape because the right hijab style will emphasize your beautiful feature, which makes it more difficult to choose the right hijab style for you.

If you wear a hijab you have to make sure you are wearing it the right way. You can always get inspiration from the top fashion bloggers who wear hijab.

Your hijab can complement your face if you wear it the way that suits your face shape. This is why we will help you find the right hijab for your face shape here.

Oval Face ShapeOval Face Shape 1Oval Face Shape 2

Oval Face Shape

Most hijab styles are suitable for your face shape, including the khaliji and Turkish hijabs.

Round FaceRound Face 1Round Face 2

Round Face

Don't make your hijab tight from the chin and cheeks area, wear it loosely around your face, the Egyptian style hijab doesn't suit your face as it is suitable for those with long necks and thinner faces.

Heart Shaped FaceHeart Shaped Face 1Heart Shaped Face 2

Heart Shaped Face

Avoid too much volume and layering at the back and sides of your head, frame your hijab right at the edge of your jawline.

Square Face ShapeSquare Face Shape 1Square Face Shape 2

Squared Face

Keep your hijab loose under your chin, frame it more around your forehead in a rounder shape. Avoid covering your forehead and cheeks.

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