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Best Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

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Best Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

A wedding is incomplete without flowers. Remember, wedding flowers are essential elements of this special day. They provide fragrance, colors and elegance to your wedding. Fortunately, different types and variations of flowers are available. Flowers in weddings symbolize faith, the strength of associations, purity and true love.

Beautiful flowers are an essential part of decorations, corsages, boutonnieres and bouquets. If you want fresh and beautiful flowers for your wedding, feel free to check out the collection of eye-catching flower bouquets at the Here are some famous flowers to design a beautiful wedding bouquet

Lebanese bride and bridesmaid

Beautiful Roses

Roses are famous wedding flowers because of their fragrance and beauty. You can choose from thousands of varieties of roses. Some beautiful flowers are available in red yellow and white colors. Numerous rose species are fragrant and available easily.

Three main varieties of roses are garden roses, spray roses and tea roses. Remember, flowers symbolize beauty, joy and love. Roses are frequently used in corsages, boutonnieres, and wedding bouquets. By exchanging red roses, you can convey your love.

Moreover, white roses symbolize innocence and purity. If you want a rose for your friend, feel free to choose a yellow rose. To express gratitude and love, you can pick pink roses. More than a hundred types of beautiful roses are available in different sizes and colors. 

Image: Nancy Mansour and her bridesmaid with beautiful wedding bouquets

Ranunculus wedding bouquet


Ranunculus is ideal for summer, fall or spring weddings. If you need budget-friendly flowers, it can be a suitable choice. You will get ranunculus in different sizes and colors. Feel free to choose between sunset orange, deep red and pink ranunculus.

You can pair ranunculus with anything from succulents to roses. There are several options, from elegant to rustic. For your wedding reception, these may be the best option. The flowers are inexpensive and multi-petaled.

Gardenia wedding bouquet


These are evergreen flowers famous for their pleasing fragrance. Gardenia flowers symbolize purity and happiness. The intensely scented white flowers can be a beautiful part of bride bouquets. Remember, these flowers are slightly expensive.

Gardenia blossoms are available in Australia, Southern Asia and Africa. The plant can grow to 2 to 10 meters tall. You can find them in mid-spring and midsummer. These round shaped flowers are available in pale yellow and white colors. Moreover, dark shiny green leaves make these flowers more beautiful.

A peony wedding bouquet


Peony flowers are ideal for summer and spring weddings. The fragrant and lush peony offer a romantic and beautiful look. With blossoming petals, these can be paired with eucalyptus or off white flowers. These are traditionally available in red, white or pink colors. Remember, these flowers are available in different shades, such as yellow, mahogany and coral.

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Peony flowers symbolize a happy marriage and good fortune. The peony can live over 100 years. In ancient China, this flower was used in medicines for convulsion.

Image: Andrea El Dannawi holding her peony wedding bouquet

Hydrangea wedding bouquet


It is a great ornamental plant available in green, blue, pink and white color. These flowers are famous for using in bridal bouquets. You can combine hydrangea flowers with your favorite blossoms. Remember, these blossoms are expensive and famous for decoration and boutonniere.

All around the world, you can find 75 different hydrangea species. This plant grows in America and Asia. These flowers grow in the spring season. Remember, the acidity of the soil determines the color of hydrangea. 

Wedding bouquet with Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea

These romantic flowers are famous for using in weddings for their amazing fragrance. Remember, these flowers are available in different colors, such as purple, coral pink and white. The sweet fragrance and different colors made them perfect for wedding bouquets.

This flower symbolizes pleasure and beauty. Sweet peas are great for garden settings and vases. These flowers are native to Southern Italy.

Sweet pea plant blooms in midsummer. The swelling flowers are frequently used in the preparation of perfumes.

Stephanotis wedding bouquet


This waxy flower has a delicious fragrance and is famous for use in wedding bouquets. Stephanotis signifies happiness in marital life. It is also known as Madagascar jasmine. The flower has beautiful, waxy petals. These flowers are priced moderately and available easily.

The stephanotis plant grows in Africa, Australia and Madagascar. The strong scent of this flower can be noticed at the start of summer. The waxy flowers need cool temperatures consistently.

Lily of the Valley bridal bouquet

Lily of the Valley

The sweet-scented and small flowers of the lily of the valley make it famous for the wedding. This plant is native to Europe and Asia. The cost of this flower may vary between $20 and $50. You have to buy lots of sprigs to prepare a bouquet.

It comes with small flowers of a bell shape. You can use these flowers in decorations and wedding bouquets. Feel free to use this flower with other widely used beautiful blossoms. These flowers signify sweetness, modesty and happiness.

These flowers are available in fall and spring. The beautiful flowers feature six petals. Remember, these pleasant flowers frequently attract butterflies. This flower can heal your infections of the urinary tract, eyes and kidney.

White and pink tulip wedding bouquets


If you need the most versatile wedding flower, you can invest in tulips. There are almost 75 species of this plant. You will find tulip in different colors, such as magenta, purple, red, yellow, pink and white. These flowers symbolize the consumption of love.

The symbolism and beauty of these flowers make it an attractive element in decorations, boutonnieres and bouquets. Remember, these flowers are expensive and available all year. Typically, tulip blooms in spring.

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Calla Lily wedding bouquet

Calla Lily

It is a traditional flower for weddings inborn to Africa. These beautiful flowers are available in orange, purple, yellow and pink colors. This lightly fragrant flower is famous for wedding functions. Take  alook at these 10 Sophisticated Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Large flowers feature long stems to make bouquets. For boutonnieres, you can use small flowers. The elegant calla lily blossoms are, however, expensive so you may need to use them wisely to keep your budget in control. 

White Orchid wedding bouquet


With this exotic and timeless flower, you can add some mystery to your wedding. These flowers symbolize refinement and beauty. You can make stunning arrangements with the use of orchids.

Use of orchids is famous in the bridal bouquet. They serve as a focal point for beachy or tropical weddings. Fortunately, these are available in different colors. You can combine two or more types of flowers to make a dramatic statement.    

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