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Entertain Your Guests This Eid

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Entertain Your Guests This Eid

If this is your first Eid holiday together with your husband, why don't you make it a memorable one? 
Wow your family, friends and especially your in-laws with these creative ideas everyone will love.

First of all, a new bride has to look very elegant and smell amazing too, so to get into the Eid spirit read our articles on:

Your Scent for Eid: Oud!

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Getting Married this Eid?

Now that we've got you covered, it’s time to take care of your guests.
You can easily personalize every decorating detail you want, you can even personalize the chocolates and sweets to make it more unique and fun.

How about these nicely wrapped chocolates? All you have to do is print out the paper and wrap it around your favorite chocolate bar.

We love these Eid decorations, they’re very modern but still have a Eid and a Ramadan feeling to them.

Now let’s start with the food and dessert inspired for Eid of course!

How lovely are these cup cakes? 

And here is an elegantly decorated cake with white royal icing and edible sugar flowers.  

Give your rolled out cookies an Arabic twist with these cut out camel shapes.

Who won’t love star-shaped sandwiches? Fill them with any filling you or your guests may like. 

End the evening with a surprise, and prepare little giveaways for the people you love most.