Entertain Your Guests This Eid

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Entertain Your Guests This Eid

Eid is a very special occasion in the Middle East and many brides and grooms love the idea of getting married during Eid.

Check out these amazing and helpful tips for the perfect Eid wedding!

If this is your first Eid holiday together with your husband, why don't you make it a memorable one? Wow, your family, friends, and especially your in-laws with these creative ideas everyone will love.




Look Perfect for Your Guests

First of all, a new bride has to look very elegant and smell amazing too, so to get into the Eid spirit check out these tips:

Beautiful Abayas to Celebrate Eid In

Your Scent for Eid: Oud!

Eid Foods and Treats

Now let’s start with the food and dessert-inspired for Eid of course! Check out these tips for the perfect treats for your guests this Eid.

Tasty Treat Ideas for Eid Al Adha

Unique Catering Ideas for Your Guests This Eid

Eid Chocolates

It is a known tradition to give your guests chocolates when they visit you, and many brides love the idea of personalized chocolates with delicious flavors.

How about nicely wrapped chocolates? All you have to do is print out the paper and wrap it around your favorite chocolate bar or ask a good chocolate place near you that does customized chocolates.

Check out our directory of suppliers for the best chocolate places in your city here!

Eid Decoration

Just like any special occasion make sure you have the right decorations for Eid, from beautiful lights, Eid-inspired decorations, and pretty tableware.


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