Getting Married this Eid? Follow These Tips!

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Getting Married this Eid?

Eid is a very happy time in all the Arab countries, and many couples choose to celebrate their wedding during this joyous period.

There are many Arab weddings across the Middle East that are taking place during the upcoming festive season of Eid Al Adha to take advantage of the holiday and celebrate with family and friends.

If you are an Eid bride and getting married soon, here are some tips to help you out before your big Eid wedding:

Get Eid Shopping Out of The Way

Make sure you buy all your needs before Eid, as many shops tend to have sales and promotions. Good items usually go out of stock quickly, so make sure you finish the important items on your list before Eid.

Send Save The Dates

Many people tend to plan their family vacations before Eid, so make sure you have already notified your guests and sent out your wedding invitations.

Book or Reconfirm Your Suppliers

Many weddings take place during Eid, so make sure you've booked your photographers, DJ, car, and florist, as well as your hair salon and makeup artist. Click here to view a list of wedding suppliers near you.

Plan Your Honeymoon

Make sure all your travel and honeymoon plans are set well ahead of time, as people book their flights before the Eid vacation. 

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Bridal Henna

In the Middle East and especially in the GCC it is a tradition to wear henna during Eid, and many brides have henna designs painted on their hands for their wedding, so make sure you know exactly what you want and choose a henna tattoo style that you love.

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