Be a Gorgeous Bride This Eid

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Be a Gorgeous Bride This Eid

A bride should always look and feel her best since all eyes are on her. From her hair and makeup to her fashion picks, and everything in between, every bride and bride to be needs some tips and inspiration to look and feel her best on all special occasions, and one of those special times is Eid, where you will meet most of your husband's family and visit your family and friends as well.

So we compiled our top beauty and fashion articles to help you look amazing this Eid.


Your Scent

Another reason to change your perfume is the Eid festivities.

Choose a new perfume you love, and one of the most popular choices among Arab brides during eid is the scent of oud or musk.

Be the center of attention this Eid with these magical oud scents: Your Scent for Eid: Oud!

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Your Abaya

Abayas are always a popular choice during the Eid holidays to meet and greet family and friends. Fashion designers prepare collections for Eid well in advance to give you some time to select an order for your favorite abaya. 

Check out: Glitter for Eid in Your Most Fashionable Abaya 

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Your Hijab

If you wear Hijab, we have exactly what you need in order to look great this Eid.

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