Decor Ideas for Your Home Engagement Party

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Decor Ideas for Your Home Engagement Party

Engagement parties have a certain charm to them, as brides and grooms show their love and their story for the first time, and no matter the venue you choose for your engagement party you should choose the right elegant decor for your engagement party.

Many couples have their engagement parties at home, whether you have previously chosen to have it at home or having it at home due to the COVID-19 circumstances, you definitely need some engagement decor ideas.

As always Arabia Weddings is here to help you get some new and beautiful ideas and inspiration, starting from the decor, flower arrangements, lighting, and engagement hairstyles, to your engagement songs, and of course your engagement cake.

Usually, engagement parties have simple and elegant decor, but having your engagement party at home does not mean you shouldn't have the engagement party you have always dreamt of, so we decided to help you out with some amazing decor ideas perfect for your home engagement party.

First of all, you have to choose the colors you like and the theme you want your engagement party to be, then you should start thinking of ways to include these colors and themes in a way that is easy and fits your home.

Some brides like the idea of having a kosha on their engagement day, and a kosha can really change the entire setup, take a look at these beautiful kosha designs that are suitable for a party at home.  We usually advise brides to choose a simple kosha design that is more suitable for an engagement party at home.

Many brides also like the idea of having a beautiful engagement table or engagement tray that is beautifully decorated.

Also, check out these outdoor wedding decorations that we love!

To give you some inspiration, here are some beautiful engagement decor ideas for your special engagement at home.


Personalize The Details

Make sure that every detail is special for example use beautiful seating name tags for each guest.

Serve your guests' drinks in unique and special bottles or glasses, or you can even have a signature drink, click here for some ideas.

Don't forget that chocolate always makes people happy so have some chocolate arrangements that go with your engagement theme.

Make sure your dessert table is unique and beautiful as well, here are some dessert table ideas we love!



 A Garden Wedding in Lebanon

A Royal Blue Alfresco Engagement in Amman

Make Every Corner Count

Make sure you take advantage of the corners and areas at your home, for example, if there is an arch between the rooms or a door have it decorated with flowers if you have spacious walls make sure you hang some decorations on them and do not keep them empty.

Images: Lovely Pink Engagement Party in Jordan

Dancing Shoes

We love how this engagement in Doha, Qatar had a nice corner for guests who want to take off their shoes and wear more comfortable shoes or slippers for dancing the night away.

Entrances and Stairways

Make sure you take advantage of the entrances and stairways at your home, for example, take a look at this beautiful stairway at this magical wedding by Lace Events that took place in Lebanon.

Seating Arrangements

Make sure you make use of the space you have the right way, if you have a large number of guests coming to attend the engagement party, then create different seating arrangements that are suitable for your guests and the space you have.


 A Gucci Garden Wedding in Amman

A Bridgerton Pre-Wedding Celebration in Jordan

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