Beautiful and Simple Kosha Designs

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Beautiful and Simple Kosha Designs

When it comes to weddings and all the pre-wedding events and parties, traditions and customs differ from one country to the other, but most of the Middle East have many traditions and wedding details in common, such as the wedding kosha, the wedding kosha as known to many is the bride and groom's seating area, usually placed in the center of the wedding venue or wedding hall.

But the kosha is not only seen or used at weddings, many Arab countries expect the bride and groom to have a kosha on their engagement night, henna, official marriage ceremony, or any other event that takes place before the wedding.

We usually prefer that this sort of kosha design is a bit more simple than the wedding kosha since it is not the actual wedding and space where the kosha will be set up might be smaller because many brides have these pre-wedding events at their houses.

Or you just be a bride who is looking for a very simple and delicate kosha design for her wedding, either because this is the style and design of wedding kosha you want or it could be that you are having a small wedding in a smaller venue and a smaller wedding guest list.

Choosing your kosha whether it is for your wedding or pre-wedding events, such as your henna night or engagement party, all depends on the venue and location, as well as the overall theme and colors that are in the area of the kosha.

If you are having your kosha at your own home, make sure the kosha design, colors, and decor, doesn't clash with the rest of the colors and decor at your house, to cut prices you can also use a seat, sofa, or lounge that is available at your house if you have any that you think might work well as a kosha seating, and then you can work on the background and little decor items which will make a big difference in your kosha design.

What is great about designing a kosha for your home or a simple kosha for your wedding is that you can do it yourself with the help of your friends and family, or hire a professional planner to set it up.

But before anything else, we think a bride should always look for ideas and inspiration when choosing any details related to her wedding day, from her bridal look, wedding theme, and decor, or any pre-wedding events that might take place.

Check out these very simple and delicate kosha designs that could work for a simple wedding or for your home: