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More Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

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More Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

We are not done sharing the latest trends for Spring 2013 just yet!


Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2013

Fashion Trends to Look Out for in Spring 2013!


Here are a few more trends you should keep an eye out for:

Bermudas: Yes, Bermuda shorts! Believe it or not, this once fashion faux pas is now a fashion must have for spring 2013.


Bold Sunglasses:  Statement sunglasses are a must have accessory this Spring.

Cutouts and Sheer Fabrics:  From high splits, to midriff baring dresses, these designs are taking over the runways.

Low Heels: Sorry stiletto lovers, but it looks like this spring is all about low heels! These heels are very ladylike and they look great with Bermudas or cuffed jeans for a casual look.

Short Suits: Taking the classic suit to a whole new level this Spring, designers are creating short suits in every color.