Personalize Your Bouquet!

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Personalize Your Bouquet!

Want a bouquet that will stand out at your wedding and make everyone talk about it, but don't want to spend a fortune on fancy flowers?

We are all about using real flowers, but sometimes real flowers can be pretty expensive, especially imported ones.

Don’t worry, we are certainly not telling you to consider fake or plastic flowers! We’re thinking you should channel your inner Martha Stewart and get creative!

What can you use instead of flowers for your bouquet? Anything you want! There are so many choices and alternatives to real flowers, such as fabric, paper, old booches, ribbons, and even buttons!

Doing your own bouquet will not only give you a chance to express your personality and stand out, but you will also feel connected to it, and someday you will pass it on to your daughter or a loved one.


Knit/Crochet: Yarn or fabric stores have many colorful and patterned choices for you to choose from. They even have knitters to help you out. You can look for patterns and how-to trials online which are also free.




Fabric/Felt: Make flowers out of silk and burn the edges slightly to curl them for a natural look. Felt works well too for flowers because it holds its shape.


Paper: You can also find How-To's online and in bookstores.


Origami: Why not try to make an Origami bouquet?

Brooches/Buttons/Beads: Think vintage! Look for brooches and buttons that you can ensemble as a bouquet! Ask your mother, grandmother and aunts if they can contribute by giving you "something old" and even "borrowed" and "blue!" Make it a family heirloom.