Green Colored Wedding Ideas

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Green Colored Wedding Ideas

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the fun wedding tasks you will enjoy doing, whether you choose a color that is trending or a combination of your favorite colors, your wedding colors will set the theme and vibe of your big day.

Once you choose your wedding colors make sure you include them in different wedding details without overdoing it, for example, you can include different shades in your wedding flowers, wedding bouquet, wedding cake, and table setting.

If you want a classic color that can complement most colors then green wedding colors are perfect for you! Use bright green or mint green colors for a spring and summer wedding, but if you are having a fall or winter wedding we advise you to go for darker shades such as beautiful emerald green or olive green.

You can use greenery and plants in different areas of your wedding to include this beautiful nature-inspired color! Take a look at these greenery wedding bouquets!

For more green wedding color combinations for your wedding take a look at these beautiful ideas we have for you.

Green and Pink

If you are a girly girl and simply love pink, but don't want to overdo it at your wedding, or your groom is not liking the idea of using pink in every detail of your wedding, one of the best color combinations this season is pink and green.

You will get to use the color that you love at your wedding, but at the same time adding a touch of green will prevent it from being too girly. As always we are here to show you some ideas that we absolutely love!

Green and Red

Stand out from the crowd with deep green and red color combination! For your winter wedding go for a non-traditional color scheme for your wedding decorations. You can add a lot of richness to your wedding, with olive green and red color combination.

The deep color of green is perfect for winter; it’s warm and neutral, while the red adds a pop of color and an unexpected twist to your wedding.

Here are some pretty ideas to give you some inspiration for a unique wedding theme, which you can incorporate in your bridal bouquet, as you can see below, your table settings, your groom’s boutonniere, and the wedding cake as well.

You can also extend this color combination to include your wedding favors, the wedding car decoration, balloons if you are using them, your chocolate wrappings, and more.

Green and Ivory

Green and ivory are one of this spring’s hottest wedding color combinations. The green adds freshness to any special occasion and the ivory is all about elegance and simplicity. If you want a unique and pretty color combination consider green and ivory for your wedding.

Green and Yellow

Looking for a fresh and summery wedding color combination? How about green and yellow?

This color combination is beautiful as the green can add a beautiful nature inspired touch and the yellow will be a very fresh color especially for outdoor weddings.

Green and Peach

This color combination is for an elegant wedding with a touch of femininity. Peach is a beautiful pastel color that will add a feminine and delicate touch to your wedding decor, and the green of course goes perfectly with this pastel color.

Green and Black

If you want an elegant wedding with a touch of color, choose colors that add warmth to your wedding and make it look elegant at the same time.

The green and black color combination will add warmth and sophistication to your big day.

Dark Green Wedding

A dark green wedding or emerald green is a gorgeous idea. It will give your wedding that warm and chic look. A dark green wedding is perfect for a fall or winter wedding.

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