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Honeymoon Outfits for The Bride

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Honeymoon Outfits For The Bride

Once you choose your honeymoon destination you should start thinking about what you need to pack with you on this trip, you need to plan your outfits, choose your accessories, and make sure you pack right for your honeymoon destination whether it is a beach destination, a winter destination, or any other destination.

Remember that you will take lots of pictures on your honeymoon, so make sure you always look great and ready to take some beautiful pictures.

As a bride-to-be you have to look pretty and beautiful on your honeymoon, right? 

When traveling we see many honeymooners and tourists with different styles, but have you ever looked at someone and thought, “Why are they wearing that?”

Your honeymoon pictures are as important as your wedding pictures; you need to look back at them and think “I really looked great”!

You had a team of beauty experts with you on your wedding day to help you look your best, but they won’t be there with you on your honeymoon. Don’t worry; we have some beauty tricks that will make you look like a celebrity traveling with her team of experts.

You can also use our honeymoon packing checklist, to make sure not to forget any details.

We will also share some unique and stylish looks inspired by the most popular fashion influencers and bloggers.

Honeymoon Beauty Tips

Honeymoon Beauty Tips

Look beautiful and natural all day and night while on your honeymoon with these bridal makeup tips.

  • Drink lots of water: We can't stress that enough! While on the plane, you need to drink lots of water so that your skin won't dry out, and also avoid bloating, swollen feet, and puffy eyes.
  • Sunscreen: You must wear sunscreen all day and every day, even if you are not swimming or tanning. Better yet, get a face cream that has SPF in it.
  • Bronzer: Use bronzer even if you don't want to apply foundation or any makeup at all, a small amount on your cheekbones and nose, and you will instantly look fresh and healthy.
  • Exfoliate: To keep your skin looking bright and smooth, you need to exfoliate regularly, so keep your favorite face scrub with you, or even better, we advise you to get a handheld exfoliating device, they are not expensive and very practical.
  • Lashes: Pack a set of fake eyelashes with you, you don't need to wear them on the plane, but they will make your eyes pop even with the simplest makeup. Dab some black eyelash glue at the line of the fake eyelashes, let it dry for one minute, and put them on.
  • Lip gloss: A must-have on any day, to keep your lips pretty in color and texture.


Honeymoon Fashion Tips

Honeymoon Fashion Tips

Here are fashion crimes you must absolutely avoid:

  • If you are a newlywed couple, it does not mean you have to dress up everywhere you go. Get dressed according to where you’re going. Can you imagine seeing a girl in heels walking down the Siq in Petra?
  • Learn the culture you’re visiting. Know what is appropriate and what isn’t! For example, if you’re visiting religious sites, make sure you have a shawl or whatever is necessary to wear to where you’re going.
  • Don’t carry an oversized bag if you’re going to be walking for long hours. Opt for a stylish backpack or a small messenger bag. Think practical!  
  • Socks & Sandals: Don’t do it! Simply because there is no reason in the world for you to do so! The combination just doesn’t work.
  • Crocs: No matter how tempting they might be to try on, resist the urge! Crocs will not complement your look at all!

Here are some more tips to help you pack for your honeymoon!

Honeymoon Tips and Tricks

Honeymoon Tips and Tricks

Here are 4 easy and fabulous tips for your honeymoon beauty:

  • Pack The Right Things: Remember that airlines have carry-on limits for gels, liquids, and aerosols, so double-check with your airline to find out what the allowances are. In a plastic Ziploc bag, put double packs of sunscreen, deodorant, toothpaste, Band-Aids, Advil, body moisturizer, facial wipes, and few makeup items to carry with you in your bag.
  • Be Prepared: Before you head to the airport, leave 30 minutes earlier and get a quick blow dry at your hair salon, this way your hair will look somewhat done when you arrive at your destination.
  • Be Chic: Your hair might not still look so glamorous a few days into your honeymoon, but here is a chic hair trick: Tie your hair up in a bun, use a colorful scarf as a headband (or an actual headband) and tie it in a knot, and you’re ready to go.
  • Lipstick and Eyebrows: If you’re not a big makeup fan, but still want to look fresh and pretty, focus on having perfect eyebrows (which you should already have done before your wedding) so all you need to do is fill them in with some eyebrow shadow. Also use pretty lipstick color which looks great on you, prep your skin with some BB cream (blemish balm) and you’re good to go.
Honeymoon Style Inspired by Joelle MardinianHoneymoon Style Inspired by Joelle Mardinian 1Honeymoon Style Inspired by Joelle Mardinian 2Honeymoon Style Inspired by Joelle Mardinian 3Honeymoon Style Inspired by Joelle Mardinian 4

Honeymoon Style Inspired by Joelle Mardinian

Fashion and beauty expert Joelle Mardinian is one of the most famous fashion and beauty consultants in the Middle East.

Thousands of women look up to Joelle when it comes to beauty and style, and follow all her tips and trends.

We previously had the chance to interview Joelle and ask her about some beauty and fashion tips, check out the interview here!

Joella Mardinian is a renowned TV personality, makeup artist, and a fashionista, so who better to get some style inspiration from than the one and only Joelle?

For your honeymoon style and fashion inspiration, we chose some fashionable looks by Joelle that are perfect for your casual honeymoon look.

Honeymoon Style Inspired by Amal ClooneyHoneymoon Style Inspired by Amal Clooney 1Honeymoon Style Inspired by Amal Clooney 2Honeymoon Style Inspired by Amal Clooney 3Honeymoon Style Inspired by Amal Clooney 4

Honeymoon Style Inspired by Amal Clooney

Amal Alamuddin Clooney has become one of the world's top fashion icons, no dispute about that!

Her style is very feminine, ladylike, and sophisticated. Do you agree? 

We previously shared some tips on how to create the Amal Clooney makeup look. 

When it comes to her casual looks, Amal loves to mix and match colors and prints, she isn't afraid to wear bold colors and floral or striped prints.

If you're still shopping for your honeymoon, then you might want to check out Amal Clooney's unique style for inspiration:

Honeymoon Style by Mariam SaidHoneymoon Style by Mariam Said 1Honeymoon Style by Mariam Said 2Honeymoon Style by Mariam Said 3Honeymoon Style by Mariam Said 4Honeymoon Style by Mariam Said 5

Honeymoon Style Inspired by Mariam Said

Mariam Said, born in 1985, has become a TV sensation and one of the most notable TV presenters on MBC hosting the Arabic version of ET - Entertainment Tonight. Her fans on Instagram exceed 1.7 million. 

The Moroccan bride-to-be has an elegant style that is both trendy and modest. She carefully selects her dresses, kaftans, or abayas to suit the social occasion she is attending. She mixes between the casual look and classic elegance effortlessly. 

A selection of her Moroccan kaftans was featured in this article: Kaftan Inspiration For Your Henna Party, take a look.

If you are getting married soon, and have started planning for your honeymoon, then you will find these honeymoon looks by Mariam Said inspirational, especially if you are going on a beach honeymoon, at least partially. 

Honeymoon Style Inspired by Nadya HasanHoneymoon Style Inspired by Nadya Hasan 1Honeymoon Style Inspired by Nadya Hasan 2Honeymoon Style Inspired by Nadya Hasan 3Honeymoon Style Inspired by Nadya Hasan 4Honeymoon Style Inspired by Nadya Hasan 5

Honeymoon Style Inspired by Nadya Hasan

The Fierce Diaries was founded by Nadya Hasan, also known as @TheFierce_Nay on Instagram.

Nadya is a young Emirati who loves fashion, luxury, and travel. She is the founder of one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle blogs in the Arab world.

As an influencer, blogger, stylist, social media expert and a creative mind, Nadya has appeared in renowned magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, and Elle, and has won many awards including Best Fashion Blogger.

If you're traveling on your honeymoon soon, then you are probably packing and getting your honeymoon outfits ready.

Nadya Hasan has been sharing some beautiful, casual, and honeymoon-approved outfits on her Instagram account; we chose some of our favorite looks for you to check out.

Honeymoon Style Inspired by Yasmine SabriHoneymoon Style Inspired by Yasmine Sabri 1Honeymoon Style Inspired by Yasmine Sabri 2إطلالات مستوحاة من النجمة المصرية ياسمين صبريإطلالات مستوحاة من النجمة المصرية ياسمين صبريHoneymoon Style Inspired by Yasmine Sabri 3Honeymoon Style Inspired by Yasmine Sabri 4Honeymoon Style Inspired by Yasmine Sabri 5

Honeymoon Style Inspired by Yasmine Sabri

Once you choose your honeymoon destination it is time to start packing your bags and choosing what you will be taking with you according to your honeymoon destination. 

Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri has become one of the most popular Arab actresses in Egypt, the Gulf, and the Middle East. Yasmine Sabri is known for her beauty and elegant style, whether she chooses a formal look, a casual look, or any other style, she always makes sure her outfits are feminine and stylish.

Yasmine Sabri is always active on her Instagram account and loves to share all her looks with her 9 million fans.

If you are planning on going for a warm beach destination on your honeymoon or even visiting the snowy mountains for a winter honeymoon, you will find a look for each destination inspired by Yasmine Sabri.

Yasmine Sabri always makes sure she compliments her outfits with the most stylish accessories, such as bags, hats, jewelry, and accessories.

Look your best on your honeymoon with these looks inspired by Egyptian star Yasmine Sabri.

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