Your Honeymoon Destination: Jordan

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Your Honeymoon Destination: Jordan

For those of you who don’t live in Jordan, (and even those who do!) there are so many aspects about this magical place that you might not know about.

Jordan is known for its pleasant weather and a sunny weather throughout the year. Spring in Jordan is known for its beautiful wild flowers and green land. Summer is sunny and summer nights are beautiful. And winter is the perfect time to visit Aqaba or the Dead Sea where it is a beat warmer. But we can easily say that Jordan is suitable for visiting all year round.

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But how about considering Jordan for your honeymoon? We are your guide to this beautiful city which not only has a historical side, but a romantic one as well.


Amman is the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, it is spread over 19 hills. There are so many different sides to Amman that you could explore.

Shopping in Amman: There are so many shops and markets you could visit across Amman, but one area you should explore is downtown! There are so many authentic shops that sell traditional Jordanian attire, and so much more. Also, if you’re in Amman during summer, be sure to check out Souk Jara; a seasonal flea market that we absolutely love! If you prefer to do your shopping indoors, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Amman’s beautiful malls such as City Mall, Taj Mall and Mecca Mall.

The Citadel: This archaeological landmark will take your breath away! Enjoy walking through the Roman ruins and make sure you check the ruined temple of Hercules.

The Roman Amphitheater: This theater will take you 2,000 years back in time. It is also used for concerts, plays and shows during summer.

Turkish Baths: Enjoy a relaxing Turkish Bath in Al Pasha, you will love the relaxing ambience, body scrubs and massages, as well as the delicious “Karkadeh” (Hibiscus Tea).

Jabal Al Webdeh: One of Amman’s popular and oldest neighborhoods in Amman, it is basically a mirror to how Amman once was. Enjoy walking and discovering the little boutiques and coffee shops around the area.

Rainbow Street:  A popular street in Amman lined with restaurants and coffee shops, this street is a must-see! A location to some of the hottest spots in the Kingdom, Rainbow Street is also where the aforementioned Souk Jara takes place.



The city of Petra is completely curved in a mountain of pink rocks by the Nabataeans, some 2000 years ago. Once in Petra, you will come across “The Treasury” at the end of the Siq (a long path through mountains), at night Petra can be very romantic with over 1,800 candles lit across the city.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is the last place Moses visited before he died.  It is also believed to be the place where Moses was buried as well.  Once you’re there, make sure you visit Mount Nebo’s first church which was built to mark the site of Moses’ death.

Jordan River

This river is considered as a holy river as it is believed that Jesus Christ was baptized there.

Dead Sea

Enjoy a romantic stay at the lowest point on earth, 400 meters below sea level, where there is 6% more oxygen and the UV rays are much safer. Coat yourself with the rich mud and bathe in the salty sea, your skin will feel softer and healthier in minutes. Read: "Dead Sea Mud Mask for the Bride-to-Be."

Wadi Rum

Jordan’s largest desert landscape, discover the canyons and enjoy the beautiful nature and camel rides.


For diving and swimming lovers, Aqaba is the place to be! Fall in love with the preserved coral reefs and marine life.

Jordanian Food

Once you are in Jordan, make sure to taste the delicious traditional foods such as:Mansaf, the national dish of Jordan, made of rice, Jameed (dried yoghurt) and cooked meat.

Zarb, meat and vegetables cooked in an underground pit.

Shrak Bread, the traditional Bedouin bread.

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