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How to Keep your Wedding Guests Happy in Türkiye

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How to Keep your Wedding Guests in Türkiye Happy

One consideration to take into account when selecting your wedding destination is to think of your guests and how they could spend quality time and have fun at your chosen destination. Will they enjoy the destination if they arrive before the wedding or decide to extend their stay? Where will they stay? What can they see or do during their stay?

It is important to be considerate and thoughtful of your friends and family - after all they are flying in from different destinations to join your celebration!

Wherever you decide to hold your wedding in Türkiye, rest assured that your wedding guests will have fun exploring the beauty and diversity of Türkiye’s beautiful nature, rich and diverse culture, and exquisite cuisine. Here are some ideas of how your wedding guests can spend their time before or after your wedding in different cities around Türkiye. 


İstanbul is one of the world's great metropoles, offering truly limitless experiences. Your wedding guests can enjoy the city lights with a breathtaking Bosphorus view, and be mesmerised by the exciting blend of traditional culture and modern life. Luxurious hotels and royal palaces testify to the city's affluence.

İstanbul presents visitors with a wide range of contemporary and traditional accommodation with options ranging from 5-star international brands to boutique hotels, mansions, and palaces. There are many places to visit in İstanbul as you will see below. 

Tranquil walks along the Bosphorus will provide a backdrop to trademark hotels with sumptuous decor and outstanding panoramas. The abundance of tourist attractions and a yacht tour on the Bosphorus will enchant your guests and leave lasting memories.

Top things to see and do in İstanbul:

  • Visit Dolmabahçe Palace and Topkapı Palace
  • Visit the Maiden Tower, Basilica Cistern, and Galata Tower
  • Enjoy fine dining and Michelin star-awarded restaurants and rooftop bars
  • Indulge in the popular Turkish breakfast with a Bosphorus view
  • Shop for unique handcrafted jewellery, and popular silk & leather products such as shawls and wraps in the Grand Bazaar
  • Shop in shopping centres that offer both international and local luxury brands
  • Taste traditional Turkish delicacies at the Spice Bazaar and stock up the traditional spices and delights
  • Experience a genuine Turkish hammam treatment


Antalya is a resort heaven that provides the ultimate holiday luxury combined with privacy. The city offers an excellent blend of cultural and natural beauty, turquoise blue waters, colourful bazaars, romantic sunsets and moonlit nights, as well as significant historical sites.

Towns such as Belek, Kemer, Kaş, Side, and Alanya provide a range of fascinating experiences for your wedding guests. Luxury all-inclusive resorts with outstanding beaches, boutique hotels nestled in romantic surroundings, boat tours in crystal-clear, turquoise waters, and even deep blue adventures cover a wide-ranging appeal for couples and their wedding guests.

Top things to see and do in Antalya:

  • Visit the ancient cities of Aspendos, Perge, Patara, Termessos, and Kaleiçi, Antalya’s historical city center
  • Taste Antalya’s delicious local flavours: citrus jam, Indian figs, yanıksı dondurma (burnt ice cream), and Antalya pilaki, a dish of dried bean with tahini sauce
  • Book a night of entertainment and enjoy the shows
  • Take a daily boat tour


Mysterious and enchanting Cappadocia is the perfect choice to create dreamy moments. From a sunrise hot-air balloon tour to a bird's-eye view of the fairy chimneys - every experience here makes you and your guests feel that you’re part of an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime fairy tale!

Top things to see and do in Cappadocia

  • See the fairy chimneys and Love Valley
  • Watch the breathtaking sunrise with views of the hot-air balloons and the sunset overlooking Uçhisar village
  • Discover the underground cities and houses carved out of rocks
  • Book a lovely tour of a local vineyard and enjoy the wines produced by local grapes
  • Stay in a cave hotel – a one-of-a-kind experience!
  • Treat yourself to some of Cappadocia's most popular delicacies: testi kebabı prepared in a terracotta pot, sahlep, and local grape varieties and wines


Bodrum is an idyllic coastal city with deep blue scenery and whitewashed houses draped with magnificent bougainvillea. It is an incredible location with a variety of attractions and sumptuous seafood cuisine.

TurkAegean coast and resorts offer your guests the exquisite privileges of luxury hotel brands.

Here, you can enjoy the sun and sea in private, and toast the sunset before indulging in fresh seafood at waterside restaurants bathed in moonlight and surrounded by elegant glamor. Such moments will provide memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Top things to see and do in Bodrum include:

  • Visit Bodrum Marina and Yalıkavak Marina
  • Visit Gümüşlük for the breathtaking sunset, Bodrum Bar Street, and Bodrum Castle
  • Try the fresh and delicious seafood, stuffed zucchini flowers, çökertme kebabı, and the wide selection of local mezzes
  • Take a bay tour on one of Bodrum’s traditional wooden gullets
  • Enjoy Bodrum’s famous fantastic nightlife

Marmaris, Göcek, and Fethiye

For those who prefer to spend time in quiet, calm, and more secluded locations, Marmaris, Göcek, and Fethiye are the perfect destinations. All three are attractive, glamorous resort towns for weddings, honeymoons, and holidays.

Fethiye’s beauty cannot easily be put into words. Hours fly by so slowly here that you will feel like you are in paradise!

Göcek is another magnificent destination with Mediterranean waters, green pine forests, and sandy beaches.

Towns like Selimiye and Bozburun in Marmaris, amidst the natural beauty of pine forests, with private beaches and a variety of dining experiences, offer newlyweds and their guests a tranquil escape.

Top things to see and do in Göcek

  • Visit the Göcek yacht marina, and take a tour to Göbün Bay, Sarsala Bay, Bedri Rahmi Bay, and Katrancı Bay
  • Enjoy their delicious seafood and local blue crab

Top things to see and do in Marmaris

  • Visit Bozburun, Selimiye, Kızkumu Beach, Kleopatra Island, and Gökova Bay
  • Savour the famous grilled octopus, pine honey, and fresh almonds

Top things to see and do in Fethiye

  • Visit Ölüdeniz, Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley), Kabak Bay, and the abandoned village of Kayaköy
  • Try the famous local orange marmalade and fresh seafood

Izmir, Çesme, and Urla

A road trip is another option for spending some quality time with your loved ones. You can start in İzmir, enjoy the beaches in Çesme, stay in one of Alaçatı’s stone houses, and continue towards the exquisite vineyards of Urla.

İzmir is the modern face of Anatolia and its portal to the West. It has been home to different cultures, religions, and civilisations for many centuries.

Çeşme, with its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and opportunities including yachting and windsurfing, is a dream holiday and wedding destination.

Urla is a time-honoured location that offers stillness, the blue sea, pristine nature, and fresh and organic TurkAegean cuisine which animates the soul of local culture and modern gastronomy.

Top things to see and do in İzmir

  • Walk along the palm tree-lined boulevards and visit the İzmir Clock Tower
  • Visit the ancient ruins at Ephesus
  • Try lokma (fried dough dumplings in syrup), İzmir bombası (praline-filled biscuits), and boyoz (savoury pastry)
  • Listen to the street musicians and stroll along Kordon (İzmir’s seaside promenade) and Karşıyaka

Top things to see and do in Çeşme

  • Walk along Alaçatı’s narrow streets adorned with colourful front doors and window frames
  • Try the famous local mastic gum biscuits, midye dolma (stuffed mussels), and kumru, a favourite street food sandwich

Top things to see and do in Urla

  • Visit the beautiful vineyards and cherish the time-honoured olive trees
  • Taste the delicious local wine, grapes, olive oil, and artichokes
  • Dine at the local fine dining restaurants offering farm-to-table cuisine that will warm your soul

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