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Top Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Türkiye

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Top Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Türkiye

Destination weddings are becoming a big trend in the Arab world, and more and more couples are looking for unique, beautiful destinations for their special day.

Most couples want a gorgeous wedding destination with stunning beaches, luxury resorts, elegant hotels, and picturesque sites, and Türkiye has all this and more! Türkiye has become a top choice and a hot spot for destination weddings among Arab, Asian, and Indian couples.

Türkiye is not simply a popular wedding destination - it has been one of the top honeymoon destinations for Arab couples for many years!

Located on two continents, Türkiye is a blend of European and Asian cultures. It offers a wide variety of venues and options, whether you want a modern city wedding, a beach wedding, or something entirely unique and personalized. Three of the most popular locations for weddings in Türkiye are İstanbul, Antalya, and Bodrum while many other destinations are also becoming popular such as Cappadocia and Göcek.

Apart from Türkiye’s majestic venues, the wedding industry in Türkiye is fantastic and very experienced. Türkiye prides itself on its amazing wedding suppliers from wedding designers and planners to photographers, florists, catering companies, and everything wedding-related.

The weather is pleasant in Türkiye all year round. Between April and October, the weather is ideal with temperatures ranging between 20°C to 30°C. The summer months of June, July, and August tend to be the busiest with outdoor destination weddings.

Turkish cuisine is known around the world for being absolutely fabulous and incredibly rich in variety. Turkish culinary culture has a long and deep-rooted past and varies greatly across the country. Talented chefs showcase Turkish gastronomy at their best, know how to follow global trends, use farm-to-table artisan products, create surprising mixtures and reinterpret the classics with a fresh look. Your wedding guests will love the tasty menus that venues and caterers provide for weddings and special celebrations. From delicious Turkish mezes to mouth-watering baklava, Turkish food is guaranteed to take your wedding to another level!

Here are some of the top cities you should consider for a perfect destination wedding in Türkiye:

Istanbul WeddingIstanbul VenuesIstanbulIstanbul Wedding VenuesIstanbul Wedding VenueWeddings in IstanbulIstanbul WeddingsIstanbul Turkiye WeddingIstanbul Wedding Venue


İstanbul is an iconic, world-famous metropolis! It is the only city in the world that is located on two continents, Asia and Europe. That ‘East meets West’ blend attracts and captivates visitors from all over the world!

İstanbul offers countless amazing wedding venues to choose from for your special day, and many grand locations offer spectacular views of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait separating the two continents.

No nuptials would be complete without a pre-wedding photoshoot offering the happy couple the opportunity to record precious moments in memorable settings. With its grandeur and vibrancy, İstanbul is the perfect setting for unforgettable photos and memories! 

İstanbul is also home to a centuries-old and vibrant contemporary culinary culture that is sure to impress you and your guests. Local culinary talents will help you curate the perfect menu and ensure a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience.

The summer months are considered the best time to host a wedding in İstanbul; August and September are regarded as the high season.

İstanbul’s magnificent luxury hotels are well equipped to provide all the intricate details required for distinctive weddings. İstanbul’s rich and culturally distinguished properties amaze with their exquisite architecture and state-of-the-art facilities offering indoor and outdoor spaces that include glittering ballrooms, inviting pools, rejuvenating spa centers, and pristine lawns and gardens able to host celebrations ranging from small intimate weddings to weddings with more than 2,000 guests.

This grand metropolis is well connected to the rest of the country with regular flights, so couples can easily plan their honeymoon, and guests can extend their stay to a post-wedding holiday at some of Türkiye’smost inviting locations.

If you dream of a beautiful, enchanting destination wedding in a uniquely magnificent city - İstanbul is the place for you!

Bodrum WeddingBodrum Wedding VenueBodrum VenuesBodrum 1Weddings in BodrumWedding Venue BodrumBodrum Weddings


Want to have your wedding in a beautiful and sophisticated Turkish city? Bodrum is a perfect choice! Whether you are looking for a venue for an intimate wedding or a luxurious, large wedding, Bodrum offers it all.

Considered to be a seaside gem, Bodrum is located on the southwest coast of Türkiye, offering both breathtaking beaches and beautiful green landscapes. Bodrum’s heavenly backdrop scenes are the perfect romantic background for your wedding photos.

In the recent past, Bodrum has become one of the most sought-after luxury holiday destinations in TurkAegean. Soon-to-be-married couples are attracted by Bodrum’s great variety and possibilities as well as its ancient culture that is magnificently present in breathtaking historical locations.

Bodrum has an undeniably relaxed glamour that is characteristic of the lifestyle in southern Türkiye. In fact, it is a best-kept secret for many European celebrities, who love to explore the local landscape on resplendent yachts and indulge in rejuvenating escapes.

You can be sure that the entire process of organizing your dream wedding at an exotic international destination such as Bodrum will be super enjoyable and smooth. With world-class facilities, international air links, and an unparalleled selection of unique venues, Bodrum offers a truly unique experience for a destination wedding.

Antalya 1AntalyaAntalya Wedding VenuesAntalya Weddings


There isn't anyone who has visited Antalya and not fallen in love with it! After all, Antalya is known as the city of love and the heart of the Turkish Riviera! With dramatic vistas, opulent beachfront resorts, and numerous archaeological treasures, Antalya ticks all the boxes, offering a magical locale for the celebration of a lifetime. 

This charming city with a Mediterranean climate has some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches and is famous for hosting some of the world’s most beautiful beach weddings.

Antalya's weather is great almost year-round: the best time to have your destination wedding in Antalya is between November and April, while winter is also exceptionally pleasant.

As the rising star of destination weddings, Antalya has it all! With a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, palatial luxury resorts, and legendary hospitality all set within the romance of majestic mountains, golden beaches, and ancient Roman theatres and temples, Antalya has all the versatility, variety, and luxury you need.

Wedding venues abound: Antalya is full of indoor and outdoor venues and spaces that are perfect for events of any size. The rich array of wedding venues includes international and Turkish hotel chains, small boutique hotels, and vast luxury resorts.

Keep in mind that Antalya is also a very popular honeymoon destination, so having your wedding here can mean starting your honeymoon straight away! If you choose to explore more of Türkiye, Antalya is very well connected to the rest of the country with regular flights.

Weddings in CappadociaWeddings in CappadociaWeddings in CappadociaWeddings in CappadociaCappadocia TurkiyeCappadocia Wedding Venue


For couples who have always dreamt of the most unique and magical wedding, Cappadocia is for you!

Cappadocia was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985 on natural and cultural criteria. Its rocky landscape is honeycombed with networks of ancient underground settlements and outstanding examples of Byzantine art.

Cappadocia guarantees a fairy-tale, rustic wedding offering an extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime experience for the couple and their guests. This perfect boutique-wedding destination is ideal for intimate and private weddings. 

Imagine saying “I do” on a romantic ride in a hot-air balloon overlooking the extraordinary landscape of Cappadocia! A hot-air balloon experience is an option for all kinds of celebrations from proposals to weddings, and the perfect setting for extraordinary photoshoots.

Another unique feature of this mystical landscape is the cave hotels, hidden among the hills, they are the perfect choice for intimate weddings with valley and sunset views.

Underground cities, houses carved out of rocks, exclusive cave boutique hotels, delicious Anatolian cuisine accompanied by outstanding Cappadocia wine, and exquisite vineyards are among the many offerings that make Cappadocia a prime romantic wedding and honeymoon destination.

GöcekGöcek 1Göcek Turkiye


Göcek is a small town in the district of Fethiye in TurkAegean’s Muğla Province. Göcek is known for its blue, crystal clear waters and untouched coves, and is one of Türkiye’s unique beach wedding destinations. Combining history and nature, unparalleled hospitality and gastronomy, and the perfect weather year-round, Göcek has it all!

It is home to a beautiful and serene harbor and is a popular spot for cruise lovers as it boasts one of the world’s most famous yachting harbors. If you are dreaming of a yacht or boat wedding, this is the place for you. With six large marinas and luxurious yachts, yacht weddings in Göcek are becoming ever more popular.

Göcek offers multiple stunning settings for precious, unforgettable moments and guarantees joyful and romantic memories that will last a lifetime!

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