Ideas for a Yellow Wedding Theme

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 Ideas for a Yellow Wedding Theme

Summer weddings are all about happy vibes and happy colors, and one of the colors with the most joyous vibes is yellow! Since yellow is such a happy and beautiful color, how about you impress your wedding guests with a yellow wedding theme?

Add some sunshine to your wedding decor by having yellow wedding decorations; there are so many ways to include a yellow motif for a wedding

If you don't want an ALL yellow wedding theme, you can incorporate different shades of yellow and mix them with other colors. Some colors that work beautifully with yellow are grey, white, purple, pink, and much more.

There are endless options when it comes to yellow florals and blooms, so you will not find any difficulty including yellow flowers in your yellow wedding theme and floral arrangements.

Another way to include this sunny color is by choosing different yellow wedding decoration ideas, such as your bridal bouquet, your wedding cake, and many other details.

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If you are not sure which colors to combine yellow with for a beautiful yellow wedding theme, we have some beautiful ideas for you right here, check them out:


Purple and Yellow Wedding Theme

Everyone will fall in love with this bold color combination. If you want a yellow wedding theme but also want to add some richness to it, purple is the way to go. We love how purplish blue florals were combined with yellow flowers in this spectacular engagement party in Dubai!

Yellow and Green Wedding Theme

No wedding theme is fresher than a yellow and green wedding theme! When you say yellow and green, we immediately think of a Sicilian-inspired wedding theme, with fresh lemons lots of greenery, and yellow flowers. Check out this wonderful Sicilian wedding theme held in Amman for more ideas.

For even more ideas, how about a lime green and yellow wedding theme? Click here to see more.

Yellow and Gold Wedding Theme

If you are looking for a bold and fancy color combination, yellow and gold are a unique choice! Many may think that yellow and gold will not create a nice color combination for their wedding, but this yellow art deco wedding in Bahrain will change your mind.

Yellow and Blue Wedding Theme

Yellow and blue are one of the most popular color combinations when it comes to choosing a yellow wedding theme. A yellow and blue wedding theme is vibrant, fresh, and joyful! We love this yellow and blue Sicilian-inspired floor which was the main statement at this stunning Sicilian wedding theme in Riyadh.

For a fresh summer wedding color scheme, you can go for a yellow and aqua wedding theme, see more ideas here!

Royal Blue and Yellow Wedding Theme

For the ultimate bold and rich color combination, we advise you to go for a royal blue and yellow wedding theme! Think of bright yellows mixed with deep royal blue, creating a luxurious wedding theme your wedding guests will love.

Check out this marvelous royal blue and yellow wedding theme in Qatar!

Need more ideas? You will not be able to get your eyes off this stunning Van Gogh Wedding Photoshoot!

Yellow and White Wedding Theme

Many brides love a white and yellow wedding theme, as it is simple, minimal, and elegant. You can't go wrong with this delicate and classy color combination.

Think of white tulips, beautiful yellow florals, and white wedding details, just like this elegant white and yellow wedding theme in Dubai.

Yellow and Brown Wedding Theme

Yes, yellow and brown might seem a bit strange for a wedding, but when done the right way it can become such a beautiful color combination!

Think of pretty sunflowers, with a rich and deep chocolate brown backdrop to compliment that beautiful flower.

If you still need more inspiration, you will fall in love with this sunflower wedding theme in Jordan!

Black and Yellow Wedding Theme

For an ultra-modern wedding theme with some pop of color, a black and yellow wedding theme is the perfect color scheme!

Choose black as your base color and add yellow flowers and details here and there for some happy vibes.

Yellow and Grey Wedding Theme

A yellow and grey wedding theme is a warm, elegant, and simple color combination that you will not regret.

Grey is a neutral color and goes well with almost any color you choose, so if you want to add some vibrant touches, yellow is the color you should go for.

We love how beautiful this grey, copper gold, and yellow wedding in Bahrain looks - click to see more.

Orange and Yellow Wedding Theme

When we think of an orange and yellow wedding theme, a rustic wedding comes to mind! Imagine beautiful burnt orange shades with yellow hues covering wooden tables to create a warm and rustic feel to your wedding, so beautiful.

Get some inspiration from this rustic wedding in Egypt, and for more rustic wedding theme ideas click here!

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Pastel Yellow Wedding Theme

For a classic pretty wedding theme, a pastel yellow theme is perfect for you, especially if you are getting married during spring or summer. It is such a beautiful and timeless color to choose for your wedding.

All Yellow Wedding

An all-yellow wedding screams happiness and joy, we are in love with this yellow sensation wedding that took place in Lebanon, the wedding was filled with yellow details, and the tables were covered with yellow flowers.

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