Interview with Assaad of Assaad Hair Design

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Interview with Assaad of Assaad Hair Design

Assaad Hair Design has become a well-known name, not only in Lebanon but across the Middle East.

Assaad is committed to creating fashion-forward and unique hairstyles for brides, whether it is the hair color, the cut or the style, Assaad is the go-to person for bridal hair among brides of Lebanon.

Assaad is known for his colorful, original and timeless passion and love for hairstyling. He is dedicated to women’s beauty!

He also worked on an endless list of celebrities and influencers who trust him with their looks, such as the sisters Nadine, Fafi and Alice Abdelaziz, Cynthia Asam, Daniella Rahme and many more.

We had the chance to ask the talented Assaad a few questions about his career and his hairstyles, here is what he had to say:


1.Tell us more about yourself and what you love most about doing bridal hair?

It all began when I styled the hair of a family member when I was only 12 years old. I wasn't aware that this will become a hobby and later my profession. It has now become my greatest passion - I love my job, it is my identity.

2.What are the top 2020 bridal hair trends coming our way?

In 2020, we will see a lot of natural hairstyles, hair bouquets, and a lot of pearls and bejeweled headbands.

Royal-inspired hairstyles are also in, as well as, classy and vintage hairstyles which never go out of trend. 

3. What is your biggest advice for a bride to have perfect hair on her wedding day?

Always remember to stay calm and relax and trust your beauty squad! 

Share with us your top 3 favorite celebrity bridal looks

My top favorite celebrity beauty looks of all time are Jennifer Lopez, Monica Belluci, and Elizabeth Taylor.

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