Ideas on What to Engrave on Your Wedding Ring

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Ideas on What to Engrave on Your Wedding Ring

We all know that what is usually engraved on wedding rings is the date of your engagement (or official marriage contract) and the initials or names of the couples.

Why not have something different engraved on your wedding ring?

For example, a sentence that expresses how you feel at that moment. It will take you back in time to that particular moment whenever you read it.

What could you engrave on your wedding ring?

-A few words from the lyrics of your favorite song.

-A few words from a poem that you both like.

-The nicknames you give each other.

-If one of you ever wrote a love letter or poem to the other one, take a few words or a phrase from that letter or poem.

-You can have the words engraved in Arabic, English, or any language you both like. (Example: "Amor Vincit Omnia" is Latin for "Love conquers all." "Mon cœur est a vous" is French for "My heart is yours.") 

Here are a few sentences and words that are great to have engraved on your ring forever:

"Always be steel – Always be together"

"Always Faithful"

"Love, Honor, and Cherish"

"In God and thee my joy will be"

"The beginning of forever"

"My love, my life, my friend"

On one ring: "I found my other half" and on the other ring: "My other half found me"

On one ring: "Forever" and on the other ring: "Always"

Do you both share the same sense of humor and want something more fun? Check these out:

"None refundable"

"You're stuck with me now"

"To love, honor, and irritate"

"Do not lose, you will need this forever"

"Put it back on"

Whatever you have written on your wedding ring, make sure it describes how you feel about your partner, pick something that will make you both smile when you read it.