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Make Your Bridal Shower More Fun with These Bridal Shower Games

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How to Make Your Bridal Shower Gift Opening Fun

All brides look forward to their bridal shower and henna night, there is nothing more fun than celebrating your upcoming wedding with your girlfriends and family members. So why not enjoy some fun bridal shower games?

Your bridal shower should be one of the best nights you can have with your girlfriends and the important women in your life.

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There are many ways to make your bridal shower fun, from fun wedding shower games to including your guests in different parts of your bridal shower.

If you are looking for some fun ideas to have a fun and interactive bridal shower, we have some amazing ideas for you to check out that include games for bachelorette parties.

Check out these great bridal shower activities:

Bridal Shower Gifts

Fun Gift Opening Ideas

One of the most popular and fun bridal shower games

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes and start opening your gifts. When the timer dings, the guest whose gift you are holding gets a prize of her own!
  • Attach colored bows to the gifts as the guests arrive. Write down the colors on little slips of paper and toss them in a bowl. Ask a friend to pull one slip to reveal the winning bow color. The givers of the gifts carrying the winning color receive a prize.
  • Ask your friends to send your fiance a list of questions about him and his relationship with you ahead of time. They should then write the questions out on cards (with their answers) and give one card to each guest. Every guest gets to ask you the question and you can't open that person's gift until you get the answer right.

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Bridal Shower Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers

For fun ice breakers bridal party games:

  • Find the Guest is an awesome icebreaker to get guests interacting. Each guest receives a checklist of characteristics like who has been married five years or longer, speaks a foreign language, is wearing pink shoes, and so on. And it must circulate the room to find a guest who matches each one. Everyone will enjoy chatting and talking while finding out more about the guests at your bridal shower.
  • Guests divide into teams of three or four. One member of each team is the model; the others construct a wedding dress using toilet paper. The models show off the designs to the bride and she picks her favorite look. 
  • There are many beautiful and fun memories within a room of best friends. Have everyone write down one of their favorite memories they have with the bride. Put the memories in a basket and have the bride read them aloud. Then, the guests can guess who each memory belongs to.
  • A Lie and 2 Truths: Each guest introduces herself and says 3 experiences she’s had with the bride, but one of them should be a lie. The person who correctly picks out the lie gets points. The guest with the most points gets a small present.
Bridal Shower Games

Fun Game Ideas

  • Bride vs. Groom Trivia: Write down all the questions you can think of about the groom, and call him before the shower party to get the right answers. Then, ask the bride these questions and see how many she gets right. You can also ask guests these questions about both the bride and groom and see how well they know the bride and groom.
  • Look at the Bride: Prepare questions about things guests can physically observe about the bride, then type them on a piece of paper. Questions like, “What color is the bride's shirt?” “What color are the bride's shoes?” “What is the bride wearing?” “What color are the bride's eyes?” Let the bride stand in the center of the room for 30 seconds, and ask the guests to observe her. Then, have the bride leave the room and pass out the sheets with the questions and let everyone start jotting down their answers. Let the bride return to the room when the time is up and answer the questions with the bride's help.
  • Who Am I: Write down names of famous couples on cards, one name per card. Make sure you have at least one card for each guest. Then, tape one card on the back of each guest. Have each guest ask the other guests "yes or no" questions about whom they could be. Questions can be, "Am I a man?" "Have I been married before?" "Am I real or make-believe?" The object of the game is to find who the other half of your couple is. The couple that finds their better half first is the winner!
  • Purse Hunt: Create a list of items that can be found in a purse before your bridal showers, such as eyeliner, credit card, keys, and candy. Call out on the items and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins a small prize, something like candy or a beauty product. Another way to play this game is to guess what’s in the bride’s purse. First guests make their predictions on a card, paper, or board, and whoever has the most matches wins!
Bridal Shower Fun Ideas

Fun Ideas for The Bride

  • Recipe Share: Not exactly a game, but something fun to discuss at the shower party. When inviting guests, let each one of them bring their favorite recipe to the shower. Have them write it on a piece of paper and give it to the bride. It’s a cute way to introduce her to different dishes she can make with the hubby.
  • A Video for the Memories: This is more about fun than it is about being a game, but it’s a shower party must-have! Set up a video camera and ask each guest to share a favorite memory of the bride and groom while recording themselves on camera! Make sure the camera is set up in a different room than the one the party is being held in so that the bride and groom will get the DVD as a surprise!
  • The Bride’s Datebook: Bring calendar papers or cards of the next 12 months after the wedding, on the back of each month write an idea for an outing with the bride such as, “Meet for lunch” or “Get a manicure.” Guests need to pick a card and write their name on it. Arrange the cards by month into a booklet, so the bride has a year’s worth of dates with all the important women in her life.

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