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The Most Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses 2021

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The Most Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses 2021

Every bride dreams of the most beautiful wedding dress, and every bride has an idea of what she wants her dress to be like, some brides love the idea of a glamorous ballgown, while others want a simpler wedding dress. 

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, weddings have become smaller and more intimate, and many brides don't feel like wearing a huge over-the-top wedding ballgown is the way to go, so many brides are going for simple wedding dresses and short wedding dresses instead!

There are some breathtaking short wedding dresses 2021 out there! A short wedding dress can be as stunning and beautiful as any bridal gown. Short wedding dresses don’t have to make any less of a statement than wedding ball gowns. 

If you like the idea of wearing two wedding dresses, many brides change into a short wedding dress for the second part of the wedding, this way you will have two bridal looks instead of one.

Short wedding dresses 2021 are trending this year as well as many Arab brides going for a Civil Marriage are also mostly selecting short wedding dresses. Short white dresses are also a favorite among brides getting married for the second time.

This is why many Arab and International bridal fashion designers are including short wedding dresses 2021 designs in their bridal collections because more and more brides are choosing to wear short wedding dresses.

Short wedding dresses come in different lengths as well, there are knee-length wedding dresses and tea length wedding dresses, which are a bit longer than knee-length wedding dresses. 

We have chosen some of the most beautiful short wedding dresses 2021 for all the brides getting married this year, take a look:


Ines Di Santo Fall Winter 2021Ines Di Santo Fall Winter 2021Ines Di Santo Fall Winter 2021Ines Di Santo Fall Winter 2021

Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo has included many breathtaking short wedding dresses 2021 in the fall and winter bridal collections. 

These beautiful dresses are made of ethereal fabrics re-imagined in structured silhouettes. Enraptured by the sensual spirit of the modern brides she meets and the visionary moments they inspire.


Ines Di Santo Fall 2021 Wedding Dress Collection

Ines by Ines Di Santo Fall/Winter 2021 Wedding Dresses

Elie Saab Fall 2021

Elie Saab

Elie Saab created a magical 2021 wedding dress collection. The Lebanese fashion designer created a bridal collection with embroidered tulle and flowing trains of silk thread and pearls. 

See the entire Elie Saab 2021 wedding dress collection here!

Gracy Accad Fall 2021Gracy Accad Fall 2021

Gracy Accad

Lebanese fashion designer Gracy Accad's latest collection is all about opulence and glamour, even her short wedding dresses 2021 are luxurious. The sense of grandeur that lived in Versailles is evident throughout this collection but edited through a modern lens for today.

See more of Gracy Accad's 2021 wedding dresses here!


Cymbeline 2021 Paris Wedding DressesCymbeline 2021 Pure Wedding DressesCymbeline 2021 Pour un Oui Wedding Dresses


Cymbeline has released 3 different bridal collections in 2021, and they all include the prettiest short wedding dresses.

Cymbeline 2021 Pour un Oui Wedding Dresses, addresses all women by proposing femininity, modernity, and passion. The irreproachable cut of her sister and refined lace.

Cymbeline 2021 Pure Wedding Dresses, is all about purity of the cut and the shine of the materials, without ornament, only the delicacy of a smile and the gaiety of true happiness.

Cymbeline 2021 Paris Wedding Dresses, is inspired by walks hand in hand in the magical Paris, taking you back to the banks of the Seine. The magical inspiration of the City of Light, the magic of fashion and love.


Marcela De Cala Fall 2021 Wedding Dress Collection

Marcela De Cala

For the Marcela De Cala Fall 2021 wedding dresses, the design house went over the top with the most glamorous and luxurious designs.

The 2021 fall wedding dress collection by Marcela De Cala is incredibly enchanting with every detail, the wedding dresses feature beaded details and embroidery.

Carolina Herrera Fall 2021 Wedding Dress CollectionCarolina Herrera Fall 2021 Wedding Dress Collection 1

Carolina Herrera

The fall 2021 wedding dresses by Carolina Herrera are all about glamorous elegance and timelessness, the collection features a sleeveless silk Mikado column gown with detachable full overskirt and back bow detail. Strapless tulle drop waist gown with floral lace applique.

Rami KadiRami Kadi 2021

Rami Kadi

The Rami Kadi couture collection for Spring/Summer 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Rami Kadi Maison de Couture, and is, thus, a collection with a retrospective aspect.

"Retrospective 10" consists exclusively of 10 pieces, each of which dates back to a milestone dress, revisiting it, or fusing it with another milestone design to bring out something new. In contrast with the chromatic boldness that usually typifies RK Maison de Couture, "Retrospective 10" bases itself on metallic colors such as gold, silver, platinum, and bronze.

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