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How to Befriend Your Mother-in-Law

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How to Befriend Your Mother-in-Law

A mother is used to being the most important woman in her son’s life. Whether you have a great and loving mother-in-law, or a mother-in-law who is difficult to deal with, here are a few tips that will earn you some extra points with her.

Listen: Your mother-in-law will have many remarks and advice whether you like it or not, but you should always listen to her and show her you are taking what she says into consideration. Whether you intend to take her advice or not is up to you. Besides, you never know! She might actually have some great advice if you give it a shot.

Ask for her help: You might think asking your mother-in-law for help will only bother her, but on the contrary, she will feel needed and flattered. So why not ask her to go shopping with you or ask her for that cake recipe she always makes? (Don’t forget to mention that you will never make it as good as she does.)

Keep the balance: Yes we told you to ask for her help and advice but don’t overdo it, you don’t want her thinking you’re not a good wife or mother, do you? The point is,do include her in your life without feeling she has to take over your household.