Summer Tips for Using Eaux des Cologne

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Summer Tips for Using Eaux des Cologne

To always make sure you smell amazing whether it is on your day-to-day or at an event, we have some bridal perfume tips for you to follow.

According to L’Occitane here are the best 10 tips on using Eau de Cologne:

1. Neck/ Ears/ arms. Shake a little bit of Cologne onto your palm and rub your hands together quickly. Rub over your neck, and behind your ears for an invigorating effect. Apply the Eau de Cologne on a wet and cold washcloth and pass on the neck, shoulders, and arms for a cooling sensation! You can also spray on a handkerchief and rub it over your arms, the back of the neck and legs, or anywhere else you are feeling warm. The alcohol will evaporate quickly, imparting a cooling sensation.

2. After-bath Splash. When you get out of your bath or your shower, splash your body with an Eau de Cologne, you will feel a long-lasting cooling effect.

3. For a light fragrance. Put just a fingertip against the top of the bottle and wet it with the cologne. Touch your wet finger to the back of your earlobes and the inside of your wrists. This will give you the lightest touch of fragrance for situations when you have to be among a group of people (when aromas can be overpowering).

4. After-sport. To refresh yourself after sport or gym, splash your body with an Eau de Cologne.

5. To boost the refreshment of your fan. You can enjoy the refreshing scent of your Eau de Cologne perfuming your paper fan with it!

6. To welcome guests at home is a tradition in some Mediterranean countries, people use the Eau de Cologne as a welcoming ritual for their guests and offer them to rub their hands with it to refresh themselves on arrival.

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7. When bad smells in public transportation. The Eau de Cologne can also be used to calm stress when traveling: spray a small amount of perfume onto a cotton handkerchief and breathe deeply.

8. To fragrance your hotel room. Bring it along when traveling, fragrance your hotel room for a relaxing moment.

9. To refresh your bed before going to sleep. You can use the Eau de Cologne to refresh your bed and your sheets! Simply spray from a distance to avoid staining the linen.

10. To perfume your bath. Pour 2 caps of Eau de Cologne into your bath to delightful perfume the water.


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