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Natural Perfume Blends for Brides

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Natural Perfume Blends for Brides

Every season, there are new perfumes that are released and are suitable for all tastes and styles, but despite all of that, many of those perfumes contain harmful chemicals. These perfumes may cause allergies and brides can suffer from these allergies before or on their wedding day, this is why many brides in the Middle East choose perfumes with natural ingredients.

These perfumes are long-lasting and have a unique scent that will make you shine on your big day.

There are plenty of combinations from herbs and other ingredients that create a beautiful scent for brides to use on their wedding day, these natural blends and mixtures can be done and applied at home easily.

There are many mixtures and herbs that help the bride scent her body before the wedding and even on the day of the ceremony, and these natural mixtures are characterized by the fact that they include perfumes of natural mixtures and you can apply them at home.

We decided to help you choose the perfect DIY beauty products for your to feel and look amazing on your wedding day.

Take a look at the following perfume combinations for a unique smell on your big day.

Amber Mixture

Amber Mixture

Amber will make you smell amazing and emphasize your femininity, for this wonderful mixture mix some oud oil, with some amber, odd some yellow saffron, and rose water.

Mix these aromatic ingredients together and add to it pieces of melted black amber and rub it on your body and enjoy an irresistible magical scent. The amber blend is considered one of the most popular perfumes for brides in the GCC.




Oud for an Oriental Scent

To give you a captivating oriental scent, add a little Oud oil to a cup of water. Mix it well, then apply the mixture on your entire body and on your hair as well, after showering. 

Rose Water and Baby Oil

Rose Water and Baby Oil

Mix an equal amount of baby oil with rose water, then massage your body with this mixture after your shower. This mixture will give you a fragrant aroma that lasts for a long time.

Your Own Special Perfume

Your Own Special Perfume

If you do not want to give up on your favorite perfume, we advise you to mix some of it with scented soap and then finish off with some scented powder for a unique smell.

Apply this mixture to your pulse areas to make sure they last longer.

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