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Best Cakes Shops in Dubai

Choosing your wedding cake is a very special moment for any bride; it takes a lot of research to choose a cake that goes perfectly well with your wedding theme, and it also takes a lot of research to find the right cake shop. Places that sell wedding cakes in Dubai for your Dubai wedding are not hard to find, there are many patisseries and bakeries where you could order a wedding cake from. 

In many cases, the wedding venue itself provides the wedding cake as part of the wedding package you are paying for. However, in some cases, you need to look for a professional cake baker to order your wedding cake separately. 

If you’re getting married in Dubai, you will find a vast selection of patisseries, cake shops, and pastry chefs, who can create luxurious and beautiful wedding cakes.

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To help you out, we did the research for you! Here are some of the best places to buy your wedding cake in Dubai from:


Chateau Blanc

Celebrate the art of giving with Dubai's premium patisserie and chocolatier. Offering fine European-style cakes and pastries and gift options.

Chateau Blanc is always creating the most unique wedding cakes that suit every event and theme, their cakes also taste delicious and are made of high-quality ingredients.

They make sure to create a beautiful masterpiece that is suitable for your event and taste.


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Dina's Dessert Hour

Dina launched a cake boutique studio in Dubai and makes bespoke wedding and engagement cakes. At Dina's Dessert Hour, the best and highest quality ingredients are well selected to ensure that all cakes not only look spectacular but also taste delicious too. 

Dina handles every aspect of your wedding cake. From design, arranging tasting boxes, delivery, and set up of the cake to your wedding venue, every detail is well thought-through in creating and transforming your dream wedding cake into reality. 

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House of Cakes

This cake shop creates bespoke wedding cakes; they use their own recipes and techniques to make sure brides and grooms get the wedding cake of their dreams. Working alongside some of Dubai's top hotels, wedding planners and florists, they create wedding cakes, that suit every wedding style.

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Katrina Sweets & Confectionery

Nestled in the heart of UAE, their company provides the best wedding and engagement cakes in Dubai UAE since 2007. They have professional pastry chefs, bakers, and artists who can create the most delicious and elegant designs of cakes for your special wedding and engagement day that would surely amaze and satisfy you and your guests. They also cater cakes for Royal families and celebrities for special events and other gatherings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE.

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Creator of delicacies since 1862, LADURÉE has managed to become one of the most beautiful patisserie landmarks in the world in just a few years, and a worthy representative of the expertise and of the "art of living” French-style. Ladurée offers an exquisite savoury canapés range perfect for receptions, a delicious selection of sweet petits fours and mini pastries to make your wedding even more special. In addition to, the legendary Ladurée macarons that can be served in trays or in a pyramids and even as giveaway gift boxes and wedding favors, Laduree also produces beautifyl hand crafted wedding cakes. 

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Magnolia Bakery

This famous bakery goes back to 1996; it first opened in New York City’s West Village. Magnolia Bakery has been cherished for its classic American baked goods, vintage decor and warm, inviting atmosphere. Magnolia Bakery offers a variety of wedding cake designs, including Magnolia Bakery Classics, Lacework & Ruffles, Rosettes & Flowers, Beading & Pearls and Fancy Frills.

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Mister Baker

In 1990 two friends came together with a clear idea: to create a bakery that honored celebrations. With their combined skills and vision, Mister Baker was born.

Since then, they have grown with one clear purpose in mind – to make your dream celebrations a reality. They have worked tirelessly to expand their delectable menu and services in order to make every celebration not just special, but memorable too.

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Milk Bar

Milk is a neighborhood bakery and dessert shop. They aim to provide a comfortable community that brings together passionate, kind and trendy people through great coffee and freshly baked items.

Whether it is fresh milled French flours, French and Belgian highest quality chocolates, Persian saffron, or pure Sicilian pistachio paste. They have put each ingredient to its best use to bring out the finest flavors. All their bakes and fillings are freshly made and baked by hand daily using raw ingredients only.

Milk Bar is located in Wasl 51 building, Alwasl road, Jumeirah.

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Sara and Soha Cakes

With a degree in Fine arts and Design and the passion for baking passed on through generations, Sara and Soha bring to you edible delights! They come from a family of bakers established in the business since the 1940s and share a passion to bring your dream wedding/celebration cake to life. Every Gourmelicious cake is customized to suit your own taste and style, made with the freshest ingredients. 

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Sugaholic Bake Shop

Rated as one of the best cake shops in Dubai, Sugaholic specializes in making exquisite custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and other baked desserts. Using only the finest ingredients, their cakes not only look good but also taste great. Since opening doors in 2012, Sugaholic has quickly grown from a home-based business to an award-winning bakeshop.

The sister duo of Sneha and Ravisha Bhatia founded Sugaholic in 2010 from their home. With Ravisha at the helm in the kitchen and Sneha heading the Sales & Marketing, Sugaholic has become Dubai’s favorite neighborhood bakery. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding or a corporate event; Sugaholic has something on the menu for every occasion.

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With Sugargram you won't have to worry one bit about the delicious taste of your desserts and cakes, Sugargram has become a very popular choice for events throughout the UAE.

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The first online dessert and cake delivery business in Dubai, UAE that can deliver desserts to your door. Their motto, 'You Crave. We Deliver.', promises just that! Rated as one of Dubai’s best dessert spots, their desserts are freshly baked daily at SugarMoo HQ Dubai, UAE, and then delivered to homes and businesses all across Dubai (in) under 60 minutes. 

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The Cake Loft

Although Farah Rehman is more specialized in luxurious cake cups, she does some of the most luxurious and stunning wedding cakes you’ll find in Dubai. Trading formerly as Little Miss Cup Cakes, Farah rebranded her operation in 2018 and launched as The Cake Loft. 

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The Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery is an American-style bakery founded in 2004 to bring the authentic taste of American home baking to London. The company opened its first branch on Portobello Road in Notting Hill in 2004 and has since launched a further two branches across London in South Kensington, Soho, Spitalfields, Islington, and Richmond. It also has a franchise presence in the Middle East with two branches already operating in Dubai.

The Hummingbird Bakery offers a full range of American-style baked treats and desserts including cupcakes, layer cakes, brownies, pies, cheesecakes, and much more.

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Points to Note

Here are the 5 most asked questions regarding wedding cake etiquette answered:

  • Do we have to have a wedding cake at our wedding? Not having a wedding cake will not ruin your wedding, it’s a personal choice after all! If you are not a fan of wedding cakes, choose something else you love. 
  • When do we have to cut the cake and why does the timing matter? Cutting the cake provides an unspoken signal to your guests that it is okay for them to leave without being thought of as rude. The cake is usually cut right before or right after dinner, before the next phase of dancing starts, as a courtesy especially to the elderly that they are free to leave whenever they want.
  • Do we have to serve wedding dessert after dinner if we are already serving cake? Wedding cake is considered dessert, and you can serve only wedding cake after dinner so long as the cake is enough to go around for all guests.
  • Some couples have fun with their cake and the bride or groom playfully smudge some on each other’s faces, is that appropriate? This is totally a judgment call for both the bride and groom; depending on your guests, your parents, etc. But if you’re up for it, that’ll definitely make for some seriously funny wedding pictures.
  • Is there a proper way of cutting the cake? The bride should place her hand on the knife and the groom places his hand over hers, they should make 2 smooth cuts at the bottom tier. It is a tradition that the groom feeds his bride the first bite and then the bride reciprocates.

Image: Top 10 Luxury Wedding Cake Trends for 2020 by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

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