A Turkish-Inspired Wedding for Arab Couples

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A Turkish-Inspired Wedding for Arab Couples

Now that the Middle East is crazy about all the Turkish TV series, you cannot but notice how many traditions, customs and foods the Arab World shares with Turkey.After all, many of the Arab countries were once ruled by the Ottoman Empire!

So if you love everything Turkish, why not have a Turkish-inspired wedding?

Start off by taking your friends to a Turkish bath. Let the groom do the same with his friends, just to get you into the Turkish mood and ambience.This could be your bridal or bachelor shower party.


For some Turkish wedding traditions, we found out that in Turkey, the bride is hidden from the groom and the groom has to pay her relatives to let her leave her house. When both families agree on the marriage, gifts are exchanged between them.

Some lanterns and Turkish-inspired decorations your guests will love.

Turkish-inspired wedding favors. Fill them with Turkish delight and decorate with a blue evil eye.

As for the menu, we don’t need to tell you that Turkish cuisine is among the most delicious of cuisines in the world.

Serve your guests some Turkish Delight and other Turkish sweets for dessert, some Dolma, Lahmacun and refreshing Ayran drinks.


In this picture, we love how this bride is wearing traditional Turkish jewelry.

Why not play a couple of Turkish tunes for your guests to dance to as well?


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