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Beautiful Evil Eye Wedding Theme Ideas

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Beautiful Evil Eye Wedding Theme Ideas

The Evil Eye, also called "Al-Ayn" in Arabic, is a belief that a person can be harmed by another's person's jealousy, or by another person’s stare, praise, or compliment, whether ill-intentioned or not. It is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. 

The Evil Eye is a belief that dates back to at least 10,000 years ago as historians have found cave drawings in Spain and amulets from 3,300 BC that they believe were used to ward off the Evil Eye.

Evil Eye charms to ward off the evil eye curse can be found everywhere from Greece, Turkey, and countries of the Arab World. In the Middle East, many couples are gifted an Evil Eye charm to ward off any ill-intentioned glares or envy, in hopes to help the couple live a long happy life. 

And nowadays the Evil Eye symbol has become a trend and seen in women's accessories, clothes, in home decor, and special events such as weddings, destination weddings, and henna nights.

The Evile Eye always comes in blue and white, so make sure you choose your wedding colors to complement this color combo. For example, earth tones are always a safe choice, you can also have some gold details for a little sparkly touch, or even silver details if you prefer that color. Yellow is also a color that goes nicely with the Evile Eye, so get creative with your wedding colors for a unique 'evil eye' themed wedding. For more destination wedding ideas visit this section

So why not have an Evil Eye wedding theme to live a long happy life filled with love? Here are some beautiful ideas on how you can include the Evil Eye in your wedding theme.


Evil Eye Wedding Invitation

Evil Eye Wedding Invitations

For your wedding invitations consider having a small Evil Eye charm attached or included in the invitation or you can also have an Evil Eye print or drawing on your wedding invitations as well.

Istanbul Wedding FavorsIstanbul Wedding evil eyeEvil Eye Wedding FavorsEvil Eye Wedding Favors 1Evil Eye Wedding Favors 2

Evil Eye Wedding Favors

Have your wedding favors wrapped nicely with a bit of Evil Eye charm on them or have the Evil Eye charm be your wedding favor by itself.

We love the wedding favors presented at a luxurious Turkish-Lebanese wedding in Istanbul, for the Lebanese businessman Rashad Ghandour, and his Turkish bride Burcu Özüyaman, owner of the BRC Beauty and Nail Center.

Evil Eye ChocolateEvil Eye Chocolate 1Evil Eye Chocolate 2

Evil Eye Wedding Chocolates

Chocolates are usually a nice gesture to present to your wedding guests, so have your chocolates wrapped nicely with an Evil Eye charm or if possible have them in the shape of an Evil Eye, the options are endless!

For a pre-wedding editorial Layla Monteiro, a Brazilian model, fashion stylist, and blogger chose to have an Evil Eye theme and had a beautiful chocolate setup with chocolates wrapped in blue ribbons and Evil Eye Charm.

Evil Eye Plate SettingEvil Eye Plate Setting 1Evil Eye Plate Setting 2Evil Eye Plate Setting 3

Evil Eye Plate Setting

For a pretty touch have Evil Eye charms placed on each plate a name place card or as a wedding favor.

Evil Eye Wedding ThemeEvil Eye Wedding Theme 1Evil Eye Wedding Theme 2

Hanging Evil Eyes

In many Turkish and Greek islands you can find Evil Eye charms hanging from the trees or ceilings in restaurants and cafes, so why not have some Evil Eye charms hanged above a certain area at your wedding or over your buffet for a unique look.

Evil Eye CocktailsEvil Eye Cocktails 1Evil Eye Cocktails 2

Evil Eye Cocktails

Having a signature drink at your wedding is a great idea, so why not have your cocktails inspired by the Evil Eye? For more cocktails idea click here!

Evil Eye Wedding CakeEvil Eye Wedding Cake 1

Evil Eye Wedding Cake

How about a beautiful wedding cake in white and blue? Perfect for your Evil Eye wedding theme! Or have Evil Eyes on your wedding cake as well for a bold wedding cake look!

Evil Eye BombonieresEvil Eye Bombonieres 1

Evil Eye Bombonieres

Candy covered almonds are a popular and traditional party favor in the Arab World and other countries such as Greece and Turkey.

Have pretty bombonieres filled with candy-covered almonds wrapped up with white tulle and attach an Evil Eye to it.

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