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Your Bedouin Style Wedding

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Your Bedouin Style Wedding

Most people can relate to the Bedouin lifestyle in the Middle East, so we think it is time that brides and grooms start making their weddings more oriental and related to the Arab World we live in.

Here are some beautiful ideas and pictures for a Bedouin-themed wedding to inspire you and set you off on a journey infused with tradition and culture.

A Bedouin wedding means a Bedouin tent of course!

Take a look at these beautiful Bedouin tents. Some are traditional others are more modern. 

What we love about Bedouin tents is that they are so colorful and bright, perfect for a wedding celebration.

We like the idea of serving a simple dinner on wooden tables like this; it definitely goes with the Bedouin vibe.


Don’t forget your bridal henna.

Make sure you serve your guests dates and Arabic coffee as they arrive at your wedding.

What do think of a camel bride and groom wedding cake topper?

A special guest? Surprise your guests by getting a camel or an Arabian horse! They will make your wedding pictures beautiful and unique.

We think a bride can be as bold or as classic as she wants as long as she gets to be unique, so why not have a unique look by wearing traditional Bedouin jewelry?