Stunning Candles to Give As Favors on Your Wedding Day

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Stunning Candles to Give As Favors on Your Wedding Day

Who doesn’t love candles? Candles always make the perfect gift and favors!

So why not give your guests something they’ll love to use, and will remember your wedding every time they light it up.

Don’t know which candles make the best gifts? We’ve got your back, so here are some great and stunning candles we have for you:

Baby Chantilly Villari Candles: Those pretty scented Villari candles, are available at Tanagra Riyadh and Tanagra Jeddah. 



For more elegant candles, check out those beautiful options we have for you:

The Fleur Collection: The Noir Collection from Fleur comes in elegant black glassware and in rich scent of fig, citrus, honey and vanilla.


Glassybaby Candles: What is great about these candles is that each candle is handmade, and the glass votives are reusable.


Jewel Scent: What’s so special about these candles? A lucky guest can get the candle which contains a hidden jewel valued between $10 and $7,500.