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Top 3 Luxury Wedding Planners in Dubai

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Top 3 Luxury Wedding Planners in Dubai

Dubai has built a name for itself in luxury living; from luxury cars, to mansions, fancy shopping malls, opulent hotels, Michelin star restaurants, grand entertainment projects, and magnificent towers and structures, the standards across the board in Dubai are extremely high.

This is also reflected on weddings in Dubai. The rich Emirati and Gulf families spare no effort in making sure they get a luxury over the top wedding down to the tiniest detail. Planning a luxury wedding in Dubai is no piece of cake. It requires long planning, special design skills, collaborations with specialists in many fields, construction of custom-made installations and sculptures, custom-made furniture and ornaments, coordinated technical production, meticulous site management and lots more.

Luxury weddings held in Dubai are not exclusive to Arab weddings, Indians, Nigerians, Russians and other nationalities from different corners of the globe are having glamourous weddings in Dubai.

If you are looking for a Luxury Wedding Planner in Dubai, here are the top 3 luxury wedding planners in Dubai: