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Wedding Rings Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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Wedding Rings Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Congratulations on your engagement! One of the most significant occasions of your life is approaching. And so in advance of the date, you're probably beginning to look for the symbols of eternal love that shall pair with your engagement ring and seal the ceremony - your wedding ring sets.

Interestingly, the significance and tradition of rings in marriage has stood the test of time. Dating back to ancient Egypt, on your left hand, the third finger was chosen specifically, as people believed the vein within it connected to the heart.

To get you started with what to think about and look out for while ring shopping, this guide explains everything you need to know.

Wedding Ring Budget


To begin with, your budget will be the primary influencer in determining what wedding rings are available for you to buy. There are options for all price ranges whether you are hoping to purchase a ring for $50 or $5000. It's essential to decide how much you will allocate for the rings so that you don't overspend on your overall wedding budget.

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Wedding Ring Style


With a range of styles to choose from, be conscientious of picking something that shall work with your everyday appearance. Some of the looks you might want to consider are classic, contemporary, modern, and vintage.

While shopping for your rings, it's crucial to think about whether or not it will fit with the ladies engagement ring style also. There is the option from most jewelers, to purchase an engagement and wedding ring fixed together to create a seamless look.

Or you may want to change the engagement ring to fit the intended style of the wedding ring, you can take a look at Tacori Engagement Rings at Whiteflash for admirable designs and styles to suit all budgets.

Plus, although couples tend to buy similar wedding rings with identical metals, the style can vary for each individual. For instance, your fiance may prefer a feminine style wedding ring with diamond-encrusted detail shown on the picture below, as opposed to a plain band.

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Wedding Ring Metals


The metal you choose shall conclude the rings look, durability, rarity, weight, and cost. For a glimpse into the wedding ring metals available on the market, here are some popular elements to consider.

  • Platinum - With a white glow, this is a popular ring choice due to its rarity and strength. A ring in this element shall remain in excellent condition for years to come.
  • Palladium - As a party to the platinum group, palladium is a cheaper alternative option.
  • White gold - This element integrates white metals such as silver and palladium. Rhodium plating seals the ring to make it hypoallergenic. However, it wears off over time and may need recoating in the future to protect the metal and shine.
  • Yellow gold - For those who prefer a warmer tone of metal, copper, gold, and silver are used to create yellow gold. The depth of the color changes depending on the carat you choose.
  • Rose gold - This gold emulates a red, copper effect, and is usually used to add detail to a wedding rings design.
  • Silver - An inexpensive, malleable, and popular option. Although silver is prone to scratch easily, which is why a coat of rhodium is advised to help protect the finish.
  • Titanium - Defined by its strength, resistance, and hypoallergenic qualities, titanium rings shall stand the test of time.
  • Steel - Suitable for those on tighter budgets, steel is durable, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

With a range of metals to suit all tastes, it's merely a case of choosing what metal fit's both your styles and sensitivity to specific metals.

Wedding Ring Profile


The profile of the rings you choose plays a vital role in helping to decipher the fit and practicality of the rings. Here are a few options for you to consider when shopping for your symbols of commitment.

  • Classic Court - With a curved finish on the inner and outer side of the band, this profile is a comfortable choice for everyday use.
  • Lightweight court - Similar to the classic court profile, however, it's lighter in weight, and so ideal for those who are not used to wearing rings.
  • Flat court - For those wanting a contemporary look, the flat court profile offers a sleek design, usually chunkier in comparison to its classic court counterpart.
  • D shape - The most popular ring choice is the flat on the inside, rounded on the outside wedding band. It's comfortable and less likely to lead to snagging.
Wedding Ring Engravement


You may want to think about adding a sentimental touch such as an engravement of your wedding date on your rings. This personalizes the rings to make them something meaningful to both of you.

When shopping for your wedding rings, allow at least 6 weeks before the wedding to buy your rings. This shall give you enough time ahead of the big day to adjust the circumference of the bands if needed to fit your fingers but also to spend time finding a ring that you both adore.

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