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Ideas and Styles of Wedding Rings We Love

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Ideas and Styles of Wedding Rings We Love

If you are looking for the most beautiful wedding rings and best ring designs, you have come to the right place! Before going to different jewelry boutiques and looking at their beautiful ring collections or trying on some designs they have, why not get some ideas of what you like and what you don't?

With our help, you will be ready to find your perfect wedding ring in no time.

Although a classic wedding ring is always a good choice, there are always new ring designs and styles to consider. Brides to be are always looking for new splendid wedding ring designs to be unique and stylish at the same time.

So, if you are looking for the perfect ring it is time to see the latest trends and designs that brides have been looking at recently. 

When looking at different wedding or engagement ring trends over the years it is clear to see that many styles and designs are similar throughout the years, and many trends have made a comeback. For example, the solitaire diamond ring a timeless and classic choice, the diamond halo rings were a huge trend at the beginning of 2010 and is still a favorite among brides.

There are so many different styles, cuts, clarities, metals to take into consideration when you shop for your dream ring, click here to know more!

Check out different styles of wedding rings that suit every bride and choose your favorite style:



3 Stone Diamond Rings3 Stone Diamond Rings 1

Three Stone Diamond Rings

The three-stone diamond ring is also known as the diamond clusters ring, many say the three stones are to represent the past, present and future.

The three-stone diamond ring has become a huge trend after it was spotted on Meghan Markle's finger, the ring which was presented to her by Prince Harry was a large cushion-cut centre stone with side diamonds.

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Colorful Diamond RingColorful Diamond Ring 1

Colorful Diamonds

Colored diamond rings became a huge trend a few years ago in 2018, whether it is the main stone or the accent stones, adding a unique color to your rin is a very nice way to show off your personal style.

For example, a fancy yellow solitaire, or a pink girly diamond, for a more classic look you can always opt for a brown diamond, want something completely bold and unique? Some brides are going for a black diamond ring!

Choose your favorite color, your birthstone, or any colored diamond you like and always be unique.

Mixed Metals RingMixed Metals Ring 1

Mixed Metals

Not sure what metal to choose for your ring? Mixing metals is always a great choice! Such as platinum and rose gold, yellow gold and white gold, and many other options.

Rose gold is still a very popular choice among brides, and many brides are mixing rose gold and gold together.

For a glimpse into the wedding ring metals available on the market, here are some popular elements to consider.

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Vintage RingVintage Diamond Ring

Vintage Inspired Rings

Vintage diamond rings are always a great choice for the bride who wants to feel like a true old Hollywood diva, or just loves vintage jewelry, consider a diamond ring with a victorian or art deco design, for a glamorous and timeless feel.

Minimal Diamond RingSimple Diamond Ring

Minimal and Modern Rings

Many brides to prefer an extravagant diamond ring, but there are many who prefer a simpler and minimal design. Minimal jewelry, makeup, hairstyles, and wedding dresses are all a huge trend among modern brides who love to keep things simple.

But a minimal and simple diamond ring can also be fancy and timeless.

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Stacked RingsStacked Diamond Rings

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are perfect for the bride who wants a glamorous and edgy look but also wants to be able to wear a simple ring design when she wants a more simple look.

So if you like this beautiful and stylish trend, check out these ideas for inspiration!

Marquise Diamond RingMarquise Ring

Marquise Diamond Ring

A marquise is a double-pointed, boat-shaped stone that is long and thin with gently curved sides coming to a point on either end. The marquise cut is also known as the “navette” cut, a French word meaning “little boat”, because its shape mimics that of a small ship.

A marquise diamond ring is flattering as it makes the fingers appear longer and slenderer. 

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