Your First Dance as Mr. and Mrs.

Your First Dance as Mr. and Mrs.

The first dance is the most important part of a wedding, as it will be the first time your guests will see you as husband and wife.

Some people dread the dance floor while others love it! But for those of you with two left feet, worry not! We are here to save you… You don't want to look awkward and uncomfortable while all eyes are on you, and you certainly don't want to make your better dancing partner blush.

#1 Be Cool

Don't be nervous or frustrated, as your whole body will feel and look tense. Instead, try to relax and act like you've got everything under control.

#2 Easy Song

Whether you choose an Arabic or English song for your first dance, it's important that it has a steady beat. Most western-style Arab weddings go for a slow dance (usually Fox Trot). If you feel a little adventurous, and that is the style you like, feel free to go tango, salsa, swing or even waltz, whatever your heart desires. Just remember, if you are a beginner, the easier and steadier the beat the better you will look.

#3 Say Yes to Short Songs

Yes, go for a short song. Not only will you spend less time feeling awkward, your guests will not feel bored! Try and pick a 3-minute song, or adjust it to make it 3 to 4 minutes long

#4 Practice Makes Perfect

Once you decide on your first dance song, practice with your partner at least a few of days before your wedding. You will get to know the rhythm of the song and develop simple moves you'll later remember.


#5 When All Else Fails

Consider taking dance lessons. Your partner will thank you for doing so later, and maybe he/she will even want to join! 5-10 lessons before your big day will help you a lot!

#6 Last Resort

If you can't afford dancing classes, you don't need to panic. You can find DVDs that help you learn how to dance step by step, you can even find a few on YouTube.

#6 Have Fun

And finally, just enjoy your first dance! If you feel you’ve made a mistake or two, or you’re feeling anxious, learn to laugh at yourself, goof around, or maybe even break into a funny dance move for a few seconds. Remember no one knows your dance steps but you, people won't notice a thing, but they will notice how nervous you can be. So put on a smile and enjoy the most important dance of your life!

To help you choose your first dance song, we have compiled a great selection of Arabic and foreign songs that we have posted in our music library. Enjoy listening to them here.