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Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

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Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

You will always find the best tips on how to save money in all aspects of your wedding planning here!

And here are even more tips you should follow to save some money on your wedding venue:

  • Prioritize:  Decide on the most important detail of your wedding venue that you can’t compromise on. For example, would you rather have an excellent catering service or a beautiful view and landscape? Once you decide, you will be able to cut cost of the elements that are not a priority.
  • Have a Day Wedding: In some venues and hotels, serving lunch or brunch is cheaper than dinner, and since they don’t usually have big demands during this time, your might be able to book the place for cheaper. You’ll also be unique in doing so.
  • Check Out Non-Traditional Venues: How about having your wedding at an art gallery or a museum? They might not be as expensive as wedding halls. You might also want to look for private farms, or if one of your relatives doesn’t mind renting you their big garden or town house.
  • Confirm Your Guest List: If you are inviting 300 people to your wedding, then why rent a wedding venue that can take up to 500 people or more? Instead look for venues that can accommodate the number of guests attending.
  • Get Married In An Off Season: Summer is known to be the season for weddings; that is why many venues take advantage of this. Instead, consider getting married in November or January when wedding venues can cost you much less.
  • Get Married On A Week Day: Just like with slow seasons, week days are not the choice of many couples. That is why many venues offer discounts on week nights where you can have the wedding of your dreams – and pay less – on a Monday for example.
  • Pay In Full for a Discount:  Most venues ask you to provide a down payment when you book the venue and then pay the rest later. Ask if you can get a discount if you pay in full when you book it.