Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

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Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

If you want to plan an outdoor wedding, why not plan a garden-themed wedding? Many celebrities are having their weddings outdoors and the trend of a garden wedding is becoming more and more popular.

A garden-themed wedding is magical, romantic, and perfect for spring and summer (in many cities)! 

Here is what you need to know:

  • Think about what the weather will be like - will it be sunny and hot? Make your guests comfortable by providing paper fans and fresh drinks. Also consider having a tent if your wedding will be taking place earlier in the day.
  • Have a backup plan! If it rains, make sure your outdoor location has an indoor venue just in case.
  • Put out citronella candles or a bug zapper so that your guests won't get bothered by mosquitoes if this is something to worry about. 

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Here are some amazing ideas and inspiration to make your garden wedding unique and perfect:

Unique Flowers and Blooms

Consider using unique flowers in different colors and heights for your garden wedding.

For example, take a look at these flower centerpieces by Maya Toubia Weddings and Events for this Burgundy Garden Wedding at Les Jardins du Mzaar, Lebanon.

We love how exotic this floral setup by MY Event Design for this Eden Garden destination wedding in Egypt. Look how colorful, fresh, and unique these flowers are!

Keep it simple with little beautiful and natural centerpieces like the ones seen at this breathtaking garden wedding at the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Bright and Colorful Details

Bright and bold colors are simply perfect for an outdoor garden wedding, because summer is all about bright colors why not have a fun and colorful wedding?

Check out the colorful details at this beautiful garden wedding in Doha designed by Occasions Events.

And this magical colorful destination wedding in Egypt, with colored chairs, floors, and flowers!

If you still want a colorful wedding but something that is a bit more toned down, choose colors that go together or different shades of the same color. Take a look at this beautiful and elegant wedding that took place in Lebanon by Lina Dakkak.

Make sure you have a colorful wedding bouquet as well. See these stunning wedding bouquets in different colors!

Lights and Candles

An outdoor wedding needs the right lighting, so make sure you add different kinds of lights from romantic fairy lights to pretty candles that create a warm ambiance.

Use beautiful candle holders that go with the rest of the setup. You can use different candle holders, such as vases and cups to create dimension such as this setup at a magical garden wedding in Jeddah by Lace Events.

For this Burgundy Garden Wedding in Lebanon, Maya Toubia used very tall candle holders for a more luxurious touch.

For a more unique look, candles were hung over the tables at this beautiful garden wedding in Doha.

You can go all out and have crystal candle holders and chandeliers filled with candles just like this fairy tale garden wedding that took place in Lebanon.

Helpful Details

Make sure your wedding guests enjoy every minute of your garden wedding without any trouble!

Have some baskets filled with helpful items, here are some cool ideas for you to consider adding to your wedding:

  • Bug spray basket to prevent your wedding guests from getting bitten by bugs and flies.
  • Heels stoppers or protectors for the ladies to avoid sinking their heels in the grass.
  • Foldable flats or slippers for your lady guests.
  • Sunglasses if you are having your wedding earlier in the day.
  • Paper fans if your wedding is taking place on a very hot day.

Refreshing Drinks

A garden wedding in spring or summer means the weather will probably be pretty hot. So make sure your wedding guests are always refreshed and not thirsty or asking for drinks all the time.

You can have a signature drink, a cocktail or a mocktail, to keep going around the tables or a flavored water station for your guests to fill up on water whenever they want.

You can serve your drinks in unique ways, for example, by having them displayed in a cart or canoe filled with ice. 

Beautiful Wedding Favors

Give your wedding guests beautiful wedding favors that go with your garden wedding!

For example, you can give them cute potted plants or succulents, or pretty fans to keep them cool. For a sweet and edible treat, consider having small jam or honey jars.

We love how this lovely couple, Asal and James, gave away mini olive oil bottles and zaatar (thyme) bags to their wedding guests for their garden wedding at the Dead Sea.

There are endless ideas for garden-inspired wedding favors. You can check out more wedding favor ideas right here!

A Garden Inspired Wedding Cake

Choose a wedding cake that goes with your garden wedding, you can have a naked wedding cake with flowers and berries or a floral wedding cake.

A wedding cake with greenery is also a beautiful and simple idea.

For a unique wedding cake, how about having a colored wedding cake with berries, fruits, and even flowers! We love this beautiful wedding cake done for Yasmine and Wissam's wedding in Lebanon.

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