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How to Incorporate Multiple Colors in Your Wedding Palette

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How to Incorporate Multiple Colors in Your Wedding Palette

Once you start planning your wedding, the first question you ask yourself is, “what colors do I want my wedding to include?”

Choosing your wedding colors can be tricky especially if you can’t seem to decide on just one.

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Many brides want to include more than one or two colors in their wedding, but if done wrongly they can go a bit overboard and the wedding will not look as elegant as they imagined.

Here are some tips to help you include multiple colors in your wedding palette:

Choose Your Complementary Colors: Complementary colors are usually the ones you use in your wedding invitation font, your candle holders or votives, the chandeliers at the wedding hall, e.g: silver, gold, copper or glass. Basically they are the subtle accents that are found in every wedding.

Choose Your Bold Color: The more vibrant or bold color in between the colors you choose should be added to the bigger wedding details, such as your bridesmaids dresses, flowers, table cloth, and even your bridal bouquet.

  • TIP: Once you choose your colors, add them according to this strategy, placing your boldest colors on the larger details, and adding your complementary colors as accents.