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Go inside some of the most luxurious Qatari weddings, including Qatari royal weddings for a glamourous dose of inspiration. Discover the beauty of these Qatar Weddings. 

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Regarding the most luxurious weddings with unique wedding themes and decor in the Middle East, Qatar takes the first position! Qatar weddings are known for their beauty and luxury.  Most Qatar weddings will simply amaze you in every detail, starting from the wedding flower arrangements, the lights, the decor, and the beautiful ceilings decorated with flowers and blooms. You will also be amazed by the customized venues that are built for some weddings, the fancy wedding entrances, rich buffets, and the wonderful cinematic videos and photographs.

Before we go into details about Qatari weddings, you must check out the top 5 reasons to get married in Qatar here!

Now let's get to know more about weddings in Qatar:

Traditional Qatari Weddings:

Every country has its own traditions but there is something that makes weddings in Qatar extra special. The people of Qatar are very attached to their traditions and culture and pay tribute to their culture at their weddings no matter how luxurious and modern they are, especially when it comes to Qatari hospitality.

A traditional Qatar wedding is all about family gatherings and customs, and these beautiful traditions cannot be hidden or outlooked.

One of those traditions is the Henna Night which takes place before the wedding; a special night when henna is painted on the bride's hands and feet.

Another tradition is the Zafir Dance; a dance performed by men with swords in front of the groom's house and the bride's house.

Modern Qatari Weddings:

Qatar weddings have become more and more modern throughout the years while keeping some traditions and customs alive with a modern twist. Thanks to the professional and wonderful wedding planners and wedding suppliers who work day and night to bring new ideas to the market, and to the luxurious venues which are always bringing the best services and technologies to help their clients have the perfect day.

Everything You Need:

Qatar has everything related to weddings from GCC and Indian markets, this is why a bride will find everything she is looking for in Qatar. You will find the best wedding planners to plan the most luxurious weddings, the best jewelry shops in Qatar, and not to forget about the best spas in Qatar.

Qatar also offers many fantastic wedding photographers and luxurious wedding venues for the perfect wedding night.

Wedding Themes and Decor in Qatar:

You can have any wedding theme and style you dream of in Qatar, as the wedding suppliers there have created some of the most breathtaking weddings. Look at An Artistic Glasshouse WeddingA Pink Garden WeddingA Magical Oasis Wedding, and many other themes. You can always check out the real weddings in Qatar we have on our website to get some inspiration!

This section is specially created for everything that has to do with weddings in Qatar for a glamorous dose of inspiration.