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Bridal Jewelry

Every bride dreams of the perfect bridal jewellery, from diamond rings to wedding jewellery sets in this section you will find the latest jewellery trends that suit every bride.

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A bride's jewelry is as important as her dress; your look will not be complete without some bling! The Bridal jewellery you choose must flatter your dress' shape, and make you look elegant. And one of the most exciting parts of getting engaged is buying your wedding rings. All couples love the idea of wearing a symbol of their love for the rest of their lives.

Why is your bridal jewelry so important? Because you will cherish these pieces forever, and maybe even create a heirloom to your daughter when she is a bride to wear on her wedding day.

There are so many details when it comes to choosing your jewelry, for example you will have to choose your engagement ring, your wedding band, and the jewelry you will wear with your wedding dress, such as earrings, necklace, and bracelets. Your personal style definitely comes affects choosing the right jewelry that suits you and your bridal look, whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern. Many brides love to complement their wedding dress with jewelry. One of the most traditional choices are pearls, and many brides also prefer diamonds, and now some brides are breaking the tradition and choosing colorful gems to add a pop of color to their bridal look.

There are so many options when buying wedding jewellery for brides, this is why we created a unique section just for bridal jewelry to help brides choose the right jewelry and how to take care of their wedding jewelry. As well as the latest bridal jewelry trends for the brides who want to keep up to date with the latest jewelry trends. In this section you will find everything you need to know about wedding and bridal jewelry from your wedding rings to your bridal earrings.

Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. But then again, when it comes to brides on their wedding day, jewelry in general is every bride’s “cherry-on-top.” There are different types of jewelry a bride could wear, and to give you some jewelry inspiration for your wedding day, here are a few ideas…

1.     Pearls: Pearls are the most popular jewelry pieces for brides. Their purity and elegance fit perfectly with every dress.

2.     Gold: Gold has been the traditional wedding jewelry for thousands of years. If you are not a fan of yellow gold, you can always turn to white gold as an alternative.

3.     Crystal: Swarovski jewelry is always elegant. Their crystals are clear and sparkly and will definitely complement your dress.

4.     Diamonds: Diamonds are also popular wedding jewelry. Most brides choose diamond wedding rings, as they are easily matched with other stones.

6.     Zirconia: Some brides prefer this type of jewelry because it has many colors and styles, and is also not as expensive.

7.     Silver: Silver is timeless, and comes in a variety of shades and colors.

8.     Birthstones: Birthstones are gems or precious stones that symbolize the month of your birth. If you want to wear something more personal on your wedding day, why not wear jewelry that has your birthstone in it? Here is a list of each month and its birthstone: 

  • January-Garnet
  • February- Amethyst
  • March-Aquamarine
  • April-Diamond
  • May- Emerald
  • June-Pearl
  • July-Ruby
  • August-Peridot
  • September-Sapphire
  • October-Opal
  • November-Yellow Topaz
  • December-Blue Topaz

9.     Vintage: If you are looking for a more romantic and dreamy look, then vintage jewelry is what you need. Vintage jewelry is mainly antique jewelry. Maybe you can wear something your grandmother gave you, or a vintage piece of jewelry your mother-in-law has?

10.   Bridal Sets: Sets are always more convenient than buying each piece individually, pick a set that you like and you are ready to celebrate.