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15 Different Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives and Their Meaning

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15 Different Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives And Their Meaning

For the longest time, diamonds have been a girl's best friend. But that has changed over the past years, thanks to numerous alternatives on the market. 

When choosing a diamond ring alternative, ensure it fits your budget, suits your preference, and aligns with your love story. 

Diamonds are considered the classic choice, but they're not for everyone. Although they're beautiful, sparkly, timeless, and durable, they're also expensive. In recent years, more brides have opted for unique engagement rings that are less expensive. 

Fortunately, the market is filled with diamond alternatives for engagement rings. These gorgeous rings are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd. Brides can also get a jewelry set to go with the engagement ring. For instance, a bride can opt for a matching necklace, crystal bracelets, and earrings. 

It's important to note that other gemstones vary in color and meaning. So, before getting a diamond ring alternative, you need to consider its symbolism and whether it fits your love story.

If you're interested in an engagement ring other than the costly diamond, below are fifteen contenders and their meanings. 

Emerald Ring


An emerald is an exceptional diamond alternative with its beautiful green hue. It's highly customizable as it comes in different shapes to suit your fancy. 

Emerald can be the perfect fit for you and your partner, with its green color representing new beginnings and vitality. This gemstone also signifies wedded bliss.

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Sapphire Ring


Although sapphires are usually blue, they come in other hues, such as white, peach, green, yellow, and pink. 

Sapphire is a worthy alternative to the iconic diamond as it's just one notch below in hardness. This makes it suitable for your engagement ring, as you can wear it daily. Furthermore, sapphire connects with romance as it means faithfulness and sincerity.  

Amethyst Ring


Amethyst has a deep violet hue that's simply stunning. It's also perfect for budget-conscious brides-to-be, as it's less expensive.

More importantly, amethyst can make your engagement ring more meaningful as it symbolizes true love. 

Ruby Ring


This deep red stone is a bold and classic choice for your engagement ring. It's believed to bring happiness and passion into the wearer's life.

The ruby also represents romantic love that inspires devotion and faithfulness.



Moissanite is an excellent choice if you're looking for an alternative resembling a diamond. It's also durable but not as pricy.

Since moissanite has a clear color, it's very versatile. For the longest time, moissanite has been associated with love and romance.

opal ring


With its luxurious vintage feel, opal can be the ideal gemstone for your engagement ring. It's a power stone used for improving relationships.

Opal also symbolizes purity, loyalty, and faithfulness.

garnet ring


Garnet is available in different colors, with red being the most popular. This stone is better paired with other colors in an antique setting. Garnet is a great diamond alternative that means trust, friendship, commitment, and love.

aquamarine ring


The bright blue color of this gemstone is reminiscent of a tranquil ocean. The ultimate symbol of marriage, aquamarine is one of the top choices for engagement rings.  It also stands for tranquility, harmony, and fidelity.

Onyx Ring


Onyx is a gemstone prized for its versatility due to its elegant black color. This timeless and chic alternative to diamonds will make a unique and stylish engagement ring. An enduring symbol of protection, onyx is believed to deflect negative emotions such as jealousy. 

Lapis Lazuli Ring

Lapis Lazuli

This diamond alternative with a deep blue color and shimmery gold specks is often overlooked. Associated with the power of ancient gods, lapis lazuli can give your engagement ring a uniquely vintage vibe.

Moreover, this charming gemstone symbolizes truth. It's also believed to enrich relationships by fostering harmony and fidelity.   

Topaz Ring


Topaz is an exciting gemstone as it's colorless in its pure form, but imperfections create the extra hues. Its breathtaking blue color has enchanted many brides-to-be, but the yellow, orange and green varieties are no less enticing. 

With its brilliant sparkle, topaz is another strong contender for your engagement ring. Furthermore, it's a symbol of joy, loyalty, and undying affection. 

citrine ring


Citrine is a yellow gem that matches a happy disposition and invokes the beliefs of protection and prosperity. Its warm color is associated with romance, happiness, and positivity, making it an excellent option for engagement rings.

Rose Quartz Ring

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz comes in radiant shades ranging from delicate pink to rosy red. It's often softly translucent, but this gemstone of the finest quality can be gloriously transparent. 

You can't go wrong with rose quartz for your engagement ring, as it represents unconditional love. Known as the 'Heart Stone,' it's also believed to strengthen a couple's bond through the years.



Tanzanite is much rarer than diamonds, yet not as high-priced. Named after its place of origin, Tanzania, this gem can be a charming alternative to diamonds for your engagement ring.

Tanzania has a deep royal blue color, signifying prosperity and ushering in wonderful beginnings for a couple committed to each other. 

Turquoise  ring


Considered one of the trendier stones, turquoise is a unique diamond engagement ring alternative. This gemstone comes in different hues and has become popular in recent years. 

A turquoise engagement ring is a delightful choice as it reminds you of the utmost importance of mutual trust in your marriage or relationship.

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