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10 Stunning Summer Wedding Colors to Inspire Your Special Day

10 Stunning Summer Wedding Colors to Inspire Your Special Day

Have you conside­red the colors that come­ to mind on your wedding day? Your color selections notably influe­nce the atmosphere­ and visual appeal of the big eve­nt, particularly for summer wedding colors. This article­ has deliberately se­lected the top summe­r wedding shades guarantee­d to motivate your exceptional mome­nt and make it unforgettable.

Importance of Summer Wedding Colors

Picking the right color se­t for a summer wedding is very important as it shape­s the whole fee­l and look of the party. Summer wedding colors add to the­ mood and environment, bringing happiness and life­ to the event. Matching the­ color plan with the season allows a smooth mix of things in nature, from blooming flowe­rs to clear skies. So, the­ importance of summer wedding colors is in the­ir ability to make the whole gue­st experience­ better, creating a we­lcoming and memorable atmosphere­ everyone the­re enjoys.

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Terracotta: Embracing Warmth and Elegance

Terracotta is perfect for brides who love earthy colors and want to evoke feelings of warmth and natural elegance during their summer wedding. Use decorations to create a rich, warm backdrop.

The color is often associated with the Mediterranean, where it is used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is also a popular choice for weddings because of its versatility, terracotta bridesmaid dresses can be paired with many other colors to create an elegant, sophisticated look. Its richness is perfect for couples seeking an elegant yet natural ambiance. The color harmonizes well with colorful flowers and works beautifully with white-tone accents.

Orange Wedding Color

Burnt Orange: A Bold Statement of Vibrancy

Burnt Orange is a bold, vibrant color that's full of energy. It brings to mind images of stunning sunsets or juicy summer fruits. It’s a color that can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, or it can be paired with other colors for an eye-catching contrast.

Burnt Orange is perfect for couples who want their wedding to be full of life and energy. It pairs well with greenery and works beautifully with neutral or cooler tone accents. This color can add a splash of fun to any wedding decor, and when paired with pastels or softer hues, it can create a lovely balanced look.

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Green Wedding

Emerald: A Regal Touch of Green

Emerald, a deep shade of green, exudes a regal sense of tranquility. Just like the precious gem it’s named after, it brings a luxurious touch to any wedding. This color is perfect for couples who want their wedding to be elegant and sophisticated.

It pairs well with other jewel tones, such as sapphire or ruby, and works beautifully with neutral or cooler tone accents. Use it alongside brighter summer colors to provide a rich contrast or with whites and creams for a stunning effect.

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Sage Wedding

Dusty Sage: Serenity in Subtlety

Dusty Sage is a soft pastel green, echoing summer's natural tranquility. It's a peaceful, soothing color that can add a calm and serene feel to your wedding. It pairs well with many other shades. It can be used as an accent or as the main color in your wedding decor, and it works beautifully with neutrals like white and cream.

You can also pair it with other pastels for a soft, romantic look or with brighter summer colors for a more vibrant effect. Blending well with natural colors, Dusty Sage provides a refreshing touch to your wedding palette.

Blue Wedding

Sky Blue: Embracing the Summer Sky

This color mirrors the clear summer sky, bringing a sense of peace and open space to your wedding. Sky Blue can create an airy, cool atmosphere for your wedding celebration. When paired with whites or creams, the effect is stunningly bright and breezy. What makes this color more appealing is its ability to blend smoothly with other shades.

Pair Sky Blue with white for a super fresh and clean look, or try it with earthy tones for a balmy, beach-inspired palette. You can also mix it with bolder colors like red, green, white or yellow for a bright, festive feel.

black wedding

Black: Timeless Elegance and Dramatic Contrast

Though not a traditional choice, Black offers timeless elegance and can add dramatic contrast to your color palette. Particularly striking when paired with a bright summer color like yellow or pink, Black can lend a unique, bold element to your wedding aesthetic. This color is all about making unforgettable moments even more deep and mesmerizing, capturing the attention of your guests and making your celebration truly stand out. So, don't shy away from using black for your summer wedding.

Rose Gold Wedding

Rose Gold: Gilded Romance

Rose Gold blends the warmth of gold with the romantic blush of pink. This shimmering shade adds glamour and romance to any wedding and is adaptable to many elements, from accessories to decorations. Teamed with soft neutrals, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. This shade intertwines beautifully with an array of other colors. It may be teamed up with pastel hues, whites, or even deep shades such as navy blue, depending on the theme you're aiming for.

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Wedding Colors

Spa: Tranquil and Refreshing

Symbolizing calm waters, this delicate blue-green hue brings a refreshing, tranquil feel. Spa is a relaxing, muted color that can help create a peaceful ambiance for your wedding celebration. Blend it with whites or creams for a serene, classy look.

Incorporate Spa into your wedding decor, such as table setup, flowers, and even invitations, for a cohesive and serene theme. Whether it's the color of the bridesmaids' dresses, the table linens, or the icing on your cake, Spa could be just the rejuvenating touch your summer wedding needs.

Blush Pink Wedding

Blush Pink: Timeless Romance

Blush Pink is a soft, delicate color embodying timeless romance. It's a classic wedding color perfect for summer, suggesting love, joy, and femininity. Paired with bolder colors or metallic tones, Blush Pink can strike a beautiful balance between softness and vibrance.

Picture your reception bathed in the soft light of blush pink lanterns, or blush pink napkins adorning the tables. There’s something truly enchanting about a touch of Pink Blush in every detail of your wedding.


How to Blend Your Chosen Summer Wedding Colors

Blending your wedding colors can seem tricky, but it's easier than it might seem. Here's how to go about it:

Choose a Dominant Color

When planning your we­dding, first choose a dominant color. This dominant color will se­t the tone for your eve­nt and impact various aspects. 

Balance with a Secondary Color

Now you'll want to choose a se­condary color. Opt for a tint that differs from your main one to cultivate fascination and dime­nsionality.

Add Accent Colors

Give your color pale­tte some pop with a few acce­nt colors. These colors can be bold or ge­ntle, but their main role is to add de­pth and richness to your color scheme. 

View Colors in Different Lights

Make sure to check your color sample­s both during the day and at night. Don't forget to look at them unde­r natural sunlight and also artificial light. 

summer wedding colors

Summer Wedding Colors for Specific Months

When choosing your summer wedding colors, it's vital to consider the unique characteristics of each summer month. Here's a guide to help you find the perfect wedding colors for each summer month:

June: Bright and Breezy

As the start of summer, June brings with it warm and sunny weather, creating a bright and breezy atmosphere for your wedding. It is the perfect month for bold and vibrant colors. A popular one is Sunflower Yellow, a bright, energetic color that captures the essence of summer. Also, Seascape, a soothing and refreshing color, adds a tranquil beach-like atmosphere to June weddings, perfect for couples dreaming of a beach-themed wedding.

July: Warm and Bold

Moving on to July, summer is in full swing, and couples might consider using Coral as a strong, vibrant color choice for their weddings, encapsulating the fiery feel of the season. Alternatively, the cool and tranquil hue of Turquoise is a great way to counterbalance the summer heat and provide a relaxed, beachy vibe to any wedding.

August: Rich and Golden

Lastly, August marks the closing of the summer season, with days starting to shorten slightly and an air of romantic nostalgy beginning to creep in. Colors like Peach embody the sweet and serene charm of late summer, while Lavender, as a gentle and dreamy color, provides a beautiful hue that suits end-of-summer weddings perfectly.


Your summer wedding deserves a color palette that's as beautiful and unique as your love story. While selecting your colors might seem challenging, responsibility transforms into pleasure the moment you observe the harmony of your summer wedding colors unfolding, creating an unforgettable experience on your big day.

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