8 Reasons You Should Have a Destination Wedding in Maui

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8 Reasons You Should Have a Destination Wedding in Maui

Are you thinking of going to Maui to celebrate the most joyous affair of your life? If you need to convince your better half of your choice, we've got you covered.

In this post, we'll give you the top reasons why you should push through your Maui destination wedding. Let's dive in.


Doubles as a Vacation

If you know that you and your fiancé have been working hard lately, you can use your wedding day as the perfect excuse for a much-needed vacation — not only for you as a couple but for your wedding guests as well.

A vacation getaway in Hawaii can be the perfect celebration of your union together with the people closest to you.

Reason to Hire a Planner

Most brides often think that they can manage their wedding planning needs on their own. Going for a destination wedding in Maui is a big reason to have a wedding planner. It is best to choose local for this one to have a better idea of what your Maui wedding would entail.

A local planner would have direct knowledge of the reliable suppliers you can contact for your wedding decorations. Trusted suppliers like Accel Rentals for your linens and tents, for example, can easily coordinate with your local wedding planner.

Intimate Weddings

There is something about island weddings that makes every party more intimate than garden weddings. Maybe it is because often only a few guests are invited, a select people of your closest family members and friends. This way, you can maximize your time together with your guests. 

Here are some beautiful beach wedding theme ideas.

Save on Decorations

When you have great island views, there is no need to spend on lavish decorations. Renting tables and chairs, tents, and plates are the only things that you should consider.

You don’t have to spend much on lighting or floral backdrops when you have beautiful scenery at your disposal. You can even give your guests a treat by allowing them time to explore Hawaii's beautiful waters.

No Off-Season

You are bound to avoid scheduling your wedding in the summertime when the influx of tourists leads to higher airfare and accommodation prices.

You can even have a winter wedding celebration in Maui because snow is never a concern.

Experience the Hawaiian Spirit

Hawaii is used to having tourists exploring their gorgeous locality, so you can expect each one of them to breathe hospitality.

If you have your wedding in Maui, you may never have to deal with any major problems because you can rely on a local to help you out.

Easy Breezy Dress Code

Having a wedding in Maui can be a relaxing event, and this applies to the dress code too. Whatever theme you want for your wedding is acceptable. It's going to be all about your creativity and openness to try the options available to you. Even wearing sandals is encouraged, so you don't have to stress on setting a dress code.

Fresh Food

If you want to treat your family to a gastronomic cuisine, holding a Maui wedding is your best bet. Fresh seafood straight from the water is a specialty, and you can be sure that the meals for your wedding guests will be mouthwatering and memorable.

A destination wedding in Maui is always a great choice if you want to ensure that you will spend your money on an unforgettable wedding celebration.

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