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Bridal Hijabs for the Trendy Bride

Bridal Hijabs for the Trendy Bride

If you are a bride who wears a hijab, one of the first things you will think of is "How will I do my hijab on my wedding day?" If you are a bride to be then you must be looking for some stylish ways to wear your bridal hijab.

Many brides these days are looking for new ideas when it comes to their bridal hijab. But remember that the most important thing about choosing your hijab is that it should suit your face shape.

As a bride to be you should keep up with the latest bridal trends from different platforms such as Instagram.

And to help you get some inspiration, here are a few different and beautiful ways you can wear your hijab on your big day.

Turban HijabTurban Hijab 1

The Turban

This style is very popular among young brides to be, you can easily wear a tiara with a turban hijab and choose the style you want. Turbans work best with brides that have thinner faces, if you have a round face consider wearing long earrings.

For more bridal turban ideas click here!

Turkish Style HijabTurkish Hijab

Turkish Style Hijab

For a hijab that ensures the best coverage, a Turkish style hijab is a great option. Whether the style is a triangle from the front, and the sides are bent, with the ends of the hijab tied back. If your face is a fuller and rounder, do not fold the ends of the hijab on either side of the head, and let it take the oval shape of your face to give it some length.

Hijab with Flower CrownsHijab with Flowers

Bridal Hijab with Floral Crowns

Another popular hijab bridal trend is adding accessories to the hijab, such as tiaras and floral crowns, which are perfect for spring or summer weddings.

Check out these stunning floral crowns we have for you right here!

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