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4 Makeup Mistakes that Age You

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4 Makeup Mistakes that Age You

It’s already bad enough making a makeup mistake that you’ll regret later on, but a makeup faux pas that will make you look older? That’s even worse!

Makeup is made to help you feel more beautiful and younger,and to hide any imperfections that you might not feel comfortable with, not make you look older and tired.

Read on to find out what the 4 worst makeup mistakes to make are:

Mistake #1: Using too much or too little foundation.Adding too much foundation will make every single fine line show, but not applying enough of it will show all these little lines and imperfections.

*Tip: Use a lightweight, hydrating formula that will give your skin a glow.

Mistake #2: Dry skin will grow older faster, so find a good face cream and keep your skin hydrated before applying your makeup.

Mistake #3: Applying too much powder can make your skin look older as it defines fine lines especially around the eyes.

Mistake #4: Dark blush is your worst enemy!Opt for light peachy or rose-colored blush instead.