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5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

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5 Wedding Makeup Mistakes

You know those brides you sometimes see in old magazines or wedding albums, and you think, “What were they thinking?” Either with dark blue eye shadow, glossy red lipstick, or a deadly combination of both? Read on to make sure you don’t make any of these make-up mistakes on the day that you’re supposed to be looking your best!

Makeup mistake #1

Not every makeup look you see in a magazine will suit your features or your style. Find a look that you can comfortably pull off, and a trusted professional who will help you choose flattering makeup that will match your face, hair, wedding dress and accessories.

Makeup mistake #2

If you have bridesmaids at your wedding, make sure they don’t all wear the same makeup. As in your case, each one of them has a different set of features; so what might suit one of them, might look horrible on another. Also do not force your sister or best friend to wear makeup if she’s not used to it; choose your battles.

Makeup mistake #3

Keep your makeup bag handy or with a trusted bridesmaid or friend. Even if you have long-stay makeup on, don’t neglect to bring along your beauty tools to the wedding just in case you cry or sweat and need a quick makeup fix. At least, bring powder,  blush, eye pencil and lipstick.

Makeup mistake #4

Try to go for a look with no lip gloss as it tends to get sticky, and if your hair is down then you’ll have to constantly stop it from sticking to your lips. Who needs an additional thing to worry about? Think creamy or matte lipstick instead.

Makeup mistake #5

Don’t go for flashy colors that you might regret later on. And if you insist on bold colors for your eye shadow, or have been wanting to wear fuchsia lipstick to your wedding ever since you were 7, make sure that you choose one colorful makeup item, and have the rest be simple.

Our advice? Keep it simple; keep it timeless. Do not overdo it with make up, and opt for a classy matte look that will last you a lifetime.