Blue Bridal Bouquets for The Bride of 2020

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Blue Bridal Bouquets for The Bride of 2020

The Pantone Institute has been specialized in color trends for over 21 years, each year during December Pantone releases the top colors for the year which will be taking over the fashion, decor, and design industries. This year, Pantone Color Organization announced the color of 2020, which is going to be Classic Blue, inspired by the color of the sky at dusk.

Pantone Institute's CEO Leatrice Eiseman said, according to CNN, that the color is darker than the primary blue, it is similar to the color of the sky that we have always looked at during the moments of our deep thinking, explaining that it is a comfortable and deep that instills calm and confidence, as well as, brings a sense of peace and quiet to the human spirit and promotes flexibility. It is worth noting that the company also chose blue in 1999, which is the first year of its launch, and after 21 years they have decided to choose it again, but a different shade.

For the bride of 2020, you can choose this color as part of your bridal look on the most important day of your life because blue is considered to be one of the classic shades, and despite its simplicity, it is definitely a beautiful color, as it adds an elegant feel to any look.

If you are a bold and daring bride you can even wear a blue wedding dress, or you can include blue in your bridal looks, such as wearing some blue accessories, jewelry, shoes, and even your bridal makeup can have blue shades in it.

And choosing a bridal bouquet in classic blue is a perfect way to add this color to your overall look, and since bridal bouquets are a very important part of any bridal look, you will find many shapes, designs and different types of flowers to choose from, so you can choose what suits you.

What we love most about this color is that you can easily mix it with other colors, such as white or yellow, and other colors as well. It's not that difficult to find a way to use this beautiful color in your bridal bouquet and your wedding's color scheme. 

To help you out, we have some beautiful bridal bouquets in classic blue to check out: