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Butterflies for Your Wedding Decoration

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Butterflies for Your Wedding Decoration

With spring comes blossoms and butterflies, and what better way to celebrate your a spring wedding than with a butterfly theme, particularly if the two of you are nature lovers.

The butterfly has long been a symbol of rebirth and transformation. The change that happens from caterpillar through to the chrysalis and emergence as a butterfly is the greatest change in the animal world. It symbolizes significant change in the course of one’s life.

A butterfly wedding theme is a perfect way to symbolize new life as a married couple. You may want to go all out and have butterflies everywhere at your wedding, or just a few accented touches of butterflies here and there. 

Evo Creation and Design, a wedding planning company with offices in Dubai, designed a butterfly-themed wedding in 2019. Below are 2 images from the wedding (the first 2). You can see more here: Evo Creation and Design.

Here are some wedding decoration ideas to show you how butterfly motifs can be applied to your wedding: