Bridal Hijab Tips and Trends For A Unique Bridal Look

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Bridal Hijab Tips and Trends For A Unique Bridal Look

Wearing a hijab does not mean in any way compromising your style, or falling behind on fashion and the latest trends, especially if you are a bride!

If you are having a mixed wedding party, and are contemplating the available options for your hijab, make sure you take the following pointers into consideration:

  • Less is more: When it comes to hijab, you need to make sure that your overall look doesn’t seem exaggerated. Don’t overdo it with any additional ruffles on your dress, or have too many layers on; the simpler your dress and hijab is, the more graceful and classier you’ll look. Read: "Wedding Hijab Looks Every Bride Will Love"


  • Simplicity is key: When you choose your hijab for the big night, you have to think about its compatibility with your dress. If your dress is a basic and simple design, then you can do something funky with your headpiece. But if your dress has more than one fabric, or if you’re wearing a formal jacket on top of your dress, make sure your hijab is a plain chic one. Read: "Bridal Hijabs for the Trendy Bride"


  • Compare colors. Your wedding gown and your hijab have to be the same shade of white. Especially if your dress is pure white or ivory. But if you’re aiming for contrast, then make it an obvious one. Choose a golden hijab, or perhaps a light pink or peach one that complements your wedding theme and colors.


  • Get Covered. Nothing is more annoying or uncomfortable than having to constantly check if your outfit is intact! So beforehand, make sure your whole ensemble is covering all the right places, and that nothing needs to be constantly set back in place. Also, make sure your hijab is wrapped tightly so that you don’t worry about looking in the mirror every 20 minutes. Read: "Stunning Hijab Wedding Dresses You Will Love"


  • When it comes to jewelry: Again, simple is the way to go. If you’re planning on wearing a multi-layered necklace, or showing off some major bling, then do so in a tasteful manner, and perhaps don’t wear too many bracelets or rings. Or, wear a big bangle on one hand, and a ring on another, without wearing a necklace.