How to Choose The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

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How to Choose The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Choosing the right wedding bouquet can be tricky, but once you follow these tips, it can help you save lots of time thinking about it.

Since the bouquet is one of the most important elements in your look, you need to be careful when choosing the color, shape, size and the type of flowers used in the bouquet.

1. Choose the bouquet according to your body shape:

If you’re a small figured bride try to choose something that won’t take away the attention from you, you want people to look at you not just your bouquet.

So go for a posy bouquet or a small one. After all, you don’t want your bouquet to look too big for you!


If you’re a full figured bride you need something bold. A round bouquet would look perfect.

Hold a bouquet that will compliment your body not make you look bigger.


2. Choose the bouquet according to your dress:

The two major factors that you need to consider when you choose your bouquet according to your dress is the type of dress and the embellishments on it.

If you’re wearing a ball gown, go with something round, you don’t want your flowers to hide and sink between the fabrics of your dress. But if you’re wearing a slim silhouette, consider a small bouquet because it won’t hide the details of the dress. The flowers are important but showing your dress is even more important.


An embellished dress goes great with a simple bouquet, your look should not look too busy. If your dress is embellished, try to avoid large cascaded bouquets as they will hide most of the details on the dress, especially if there’s a belt.  

Bridal bouquets with too many colors won’t look good with an embellished dress as well.