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Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas

This coming season is inspiring us to look for the latest and most unique winter wedding bouquets to help brides-to-be in the Middle East with their choice.

Every season has its flowers, specific elements, and trends, so to make sure you have the perfect bridal bouquet for your wedding, follow the trends in the season you’re getting married in.

In the past two years, the bouquets of the bride's bouquets have centered around cotton, pinecones, winter herbs, and wood to be added among the flowers of the bridal bouquet. Click here to see some ideas!

Winter bridal bouquets are very different from the bouquets brides like to have for their summer or spring wedding.

You can mix dark red shades, burgundy, and pink shades which can be a beautiful combination for your bridal bouquet this winter. For a creative and unique wedding bouquet consider adding some fluffy cotton balls to your flower arrangement for an ultimate winter look.

You definitely need to consider warmer colors for your bridal bouquet if you are getting married in October, November, or December. Think dark oranges, dark yellows, crimson, burgundy, copper, bronze, brick, and darker shades of pink. 

You can decorate your wedding bouquet handle during this season with beautiful and unique accessories, such as pearls or Swarovski crystals, or even wood branches, and colored ribbons.

Take a look at these super pretty bridal bouquets fit for a romantic winter wedding: