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The Most Popular Wedding Halls in Amman

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The Most Popular Wedding Halls in Amman

When it comes to choosing their wedding venue brides have different tastes and each bride is looking for something different. As some brides choose an indoor wedding venue while others want an outdoor wedding venue.

In Amman, Jordan, the three months of June, July, and August are the best time to host an outdoor wedding. But many brides prefer to have their Jordan wedding during winter or fall and look for beautiful indoor wedding venues.

There are also many brides who prefer an indoor wedding venue even for their summer wedding. And in Amman, you will find so many beautiful and elegant wedding venues that suit different budgets.

Take a look at the top wedding halls in Amman right here:

Abu Kharoub Hall

Abu Kharoub Celebration Halls

Abu Kharoub is a very large wedding and celebration hall, and they are prepared with special equipment such as sound and light and offers all the 5-star services you need. They also offer DJs, decor, photography, and videography. 

The hall has a professional team with luxurious carpets and all the little details that make your wedding complete.


Adonees Halls

One of the most beautiful and luxurious wedding venues, located on the Amman-Zarqa highway.

The hall is a modern wedding venue that suits all budgets and weddings.

Al Alaly Wedding Hall

Al Alaly Wedding Hall

Al Alaly Wedding Hall is located in Tabarbour area and offers halls for all your events, they also offer wedding planning and everything you need for the perfect wedding.

Al Banafsaj Halls

Al Banafsaj Halls

Al Banafsaj wedding halls are elegant and luxurious with large spaces, the venue offers 2 large halls, one royal hall for women and one for men.

The hall even provides services such as photography, videography, DJ, centerpieces, and zaffa.

Numan Halls

Al Numan Halls

Numan Halls is considered to be one of the largest halls in Jordan and have a professional and trained team that takes care of every detail.

Numan Halls offers many different packages whether you want a buffet menu or a snack menu, they have something for every budget.

The halls are located near Al Waha Circle.

Al Nayrouz Halls

Al Nayrouz Halls

Al Nayrouz wedding halls are located in Tlaa Al Ali, Al Madina Al Munawara Street, and they offer great wedding packages at reasonable prices.

The halls sound and light systems.

Al Shaimaa Hall for Celebrations

Al Shaimaa Hall for Celebrations

Al Shaima halls for celebrations are the result of the union of a group of young men and women who are passionate about planning parties, weddings, and high-end events, over the past years and have been drawing a smile on the face of brides by creating a unique night, their halls are equipped with the latest audio and lighting devices.

Jabri Hall

Jabri Wedding Halls

Jabri Wedding Halls has a professional team that will help you plan your dream wedding, and different catering menus, delicious cakes, and fun entertainment.

The venue is located in Gardens, Wasfi Al Tall Street.

Qaser Khalda

Khalda Palace for Celebrations

The wedding hall offers snacks and buffet menus that suit every budget and beautiful halls that are beautifully decorated and go with every wedding style.

Lujain Halls

Lujain Halls

Lujain Wedding Halls located in Tabarbour, Al Shahid Street and is a very elegant wedding venue that offers sound and light systems, decorations for your wedding, centerpieces, kosha and more.

Mac Magic Hall

Mac Magic Royal Halls

Mac Magic hall is the perfect venue for all your events away from the city, as it is located on the airport road.

You will always find great offers and packages to suit your wedding budget, and the venue is fully equipped with the latest photography, sound, and light services as well as valet service.

Panorama Blue Venues

Panorama Blue Venues

Panorama Blue offers amazing services for your events and weddings, located in the heart of the capital Amman, established in 2017, Panorama Blue consists of 4 large pillarless halls, completely prepared and ready for any event, each hall can accommodate up to 300 wedding guests, and it also has one large venue for mixed wedding with a beautiful panoramic view.

Vinesia Halls

Vinesia Halls

One of the largest wedding venues in Jordan that can accommodate up to 800 guests, in a beautiful and modern hall.

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