Mother of The Bride: What You Need to Know

Mother of The Bride: What You Need to Know

Now that Mothers' Day is almost here, it is only fair we pay tribute to our fabulous mothers.

If you are a mother of a bride, you're probably as stressed out and as nervous as the bride herself.

There is no relationship like a mother/daughter relationship, and to help this relationship go through the hectic wedding planning process, we have some tips for you.

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Now that you're both planning a wedding, there are some things the mother of the bride needs to keep in mind:

Keep up with your daughter

Chances are your daughter is imagining a wedding completely different from what you have in mind, she might want to break some traditions like the traditional wedding cake, or bouquet tossing, but remember that times have changed since you got married and brides nowadays have a totally different idea of a dream wedding.

Don't forget about the groom

You and your daughter might be planning everything and choosing all the details, but don't be surprised if the groom gives his opinion too, or if your daughter wants to get back to you once she discusses a wedding detail with her groom. Grooms nowadays are more interested in their weddings and want to be included in the decision-making process.

Let her speak her mind

Yes, you do know best and want the best for your daughter, but when meeting with a wedding vendor, give your daughter the first chance to speak and explain her views and ideas.

Cherish the memories

Once the wedding is over, you will remember those visits to the bridal shop for wedding dress trials, and those private lunches to discuss wedding flowers and color combinations, so enjoy every moment with your dear bride-to-be.